Easter Bunnies


ladyonthegreen-copyTomorrow, I’m due to find out why I’m loosing the use of my right foot. Nerve damage or worse, a condition that has deteriorated since Christmas, possibly linked to diabetes and general ill health. I’ve lost nearly three stone in weight since November and nobody knows why. Haven’t been able to fit into a pair of size 34” jeans since I was 16. Chest X-Ray results on Monday, yeah I’m really looking forward to that. Can’t say I’m a happy Easter bunny. Not enough time for painting and my diversion to oils has been a mixed affair. Enjoy your Easter.

Inspiration from failure

Some of my recent work has lost direction. Excepting  failure as part of the process means failures still have value in the learning process. It’s not always the final product but the process we take in getting there. I don’t strive to be perfect, only better than my last piece of work. The lesson is to not give up and to accept possible failure as a part of process.Northern-Lights



Happy New Year

Six weeks of man flu, I think I’m now addicted to lemsip.  I don’t normally do commissions but this was an exception.mountains2

Durham Woodland


The cold outside is giving way to a full storm, Christmas lights caught by the wind are dancing like tiny stars. I’m expecting the garden to be candied in frost by tomorrow or even worse.

Seems like yesterday I drew this sketch of snow shadows in a Durham woodland. Where did that year go?

SAD it’s back.


SAD has entered the uncharted regions of my mind yet I do value those geese.

Searching for relationships and values from absolutes, light to dark, is like searching for notes on a scale, you know they’re out there, but pinning  down can be difficult. Once you’re in tune with your melody things, life, become a whole lot clearer. Absolutes of beginnings and ends need to be filled with values which make life worth living. Choose your notes and enjoy your time.

My available space on WordPress seems to be coming to an end. Perhaps this is where my journey as North Pennines Gallery comes to an end and a new beginning takes shape. Much to ponder.

50 not out

Pleased to say I made 50 today. A decade passed in the blink of an eye.
Time is cheap. The Barnacle Geese have arrived and their chatter is a joyus thing on a cold November day.