Devils-Bit Scabious

Not an exact representation of this common wild perennial, but it was a roasting hot day in the summer of 2008, so I’m allowing myself some artist license.  When my paintings divorce from any real physical likeness, I like to pretend I was looking for an abstract quality. So this is it, ‘Abstract Devils-Bit”.  I’d spent the day walking along the River Tees from Holwick Bridge, down to Middleton in Teesdale. There was an abundance of wild beautiful flowers, but this chap caught my eye. I’ve promised myself I’ll paint another this summer.

Devils-Bit Teesdale (Ink)

The Teesdale Assemblage & Sheep

Sneezewort (Watercolour)

Just a few of the paintings from 2009. Most of these were done on location, with a few taken back to my studio for work in the warmth! I do find that the best examples are those that are done quickly on the spot!

Most of the illustrations in ink, probably found their way to my studio for completion. The ink bottles can be dangerous to carry around, so I prefer to keep these at home. I’ve played around with various mediums, but for me, ‘Peat Ink’ is a fabulous colour that captures the peat landscape and the fauna of the habitat. Yes, I do paint a lot of sheep (but only those I can catch 🙂

Mountain Avens (Watercolour)
Sheep at Langdon Beck (Ink)
Speedwell (Ink)