Postcards from the North Pennines

2011 North Pennine sketchbook

More postcards from the North Pennines. My long distrust of old, empty barns continues with this fellow. Probably no more than a few hundred years old, but still spooky enough to keep this sketcher firmly on the outside. I’ve also been up to some of my old tricks, sketching without first seeking approval and also chasing sheep. I’m going to get a name one of these days.

Spring flowers in Teesdale

Far to many distractions of late, but I’ve still managed to get the old sketch book out, thinking there was much time to be made up. Most of these sketches came from the same day wandering in Upper Teesdale. My main aim was to capture some of the very rare spring ice flowers that bloom before suddenly disappearing. Blue gentian, Teesdale violet and the lovely birdseye primrose lay like confetti. I didn’t walk too far, only a few miles pausing to stand and sketch. It recharged my batteries and reminded me of how very fortunate I am. More flower sketches to follow.