Sleeping lady in the park

sleeping lady fringe

I carried a sketch book to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the sole intention of sketching on the go. This lady was taking a lunch time snooze in the middle of the park. I don’t think I could close my eyes let alone go to sleep in somewhere so public. Perhaps she was nursing a hangover?

Summer sketch from Filey North Yorkshire

sbeach north yorkshire

June, and the sun’s shining like a millionare. We (the family) visited Filey last weekend – a small seaside town in North Yorkshire, historically part of the East Riding of Yorkshire, located between Scarborough and Bridlington on the North Sea coast.

It was almost a memory from childhood, an old fashioned summer’s day when the sun was so hot you could burn in your own back garden. Then thoughts shift to departed family and friends, those we love and miss. The unsuspected changes and fortunes remind us to live life and enjoy every day. Corners will come, enjoy your sun.

The lady in the band-stand Whitby


A sketch taken from another mobile upload. My position was revealed on this occasion with shots fired from the lady in questions daughter. I dogged the the flack and made good my escape. One day they’ll get me but not this day.


The people behind the piano


I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve captured and hidden behind the piano, well not exactly hidden more stored than hidden. Occasionally they come out for air, faces from the past, most nameless, all strangers. Each expression is a story never to be told. I wonder what people will make when they’re finally released from their hideaway, dust covered, faces drained of pigment . They are the body of work which is me, myself and I, a solitary journey made from choice yet always doomed to end in the dark behind the piano. Is that the police knocking at the door?

Three shades of grey

During the summer (ha-ha-ha) we visited Whitby with the children. There’s an area where coaches park ready to pick-up day-visitors from great Yorkshire cities like Leeds and Bradford. I use my mobile to snap them and rework in three shades of grey. Less means more the older we become.

Moor House 60th anniversary

Moor House 60th anniversary. Making our way home we visited the George & Dragon in Garrigill for liquid refreshment. I’ve never been one for drinking during the day, but captured those who do with this little sketch. Garrigill is a real North Pennine village and in the bar we met real folk.

Waiting for summer- Thornaby Platform 2

When I was a boy, we had summers that were real summers, so hot you could sunbathe in your own back garden. Whilst walking the children to school, I tell them how July wasn’t always so wet and how the sun always took us to the beach with our buckets and spades. They look at me like I’m making it all up. Only 10 and 8, they don’t know any different- July and August or (summer holidays) mean nothing but rain. They don’t own a bucket and spade.

Whitby side streets

Yet another sketch without sheep, heather, or hills. Last week’s half-term, trip to Whitby with the children was a hurried affair and not the full day we promised. Very busy too. I took a few mobile snaps and sketched a memory of the day.

Grassmarket Edinburgh New Year’s Eve 2011

We spent Christmas at home this year but travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland for New Year’s Eve with the children. No snow for a change, but we suffered some of the worst gales in nearly 15 years with wind speeds of up to 102mph in Edinburgh. The journey home was dreadful. Made a few sketches from our visit and took lots of photos. Happy New Year to all my friends and followers.