Saltburn by the sea

Saturday morning I became a granddad for the first time, hech I was just getting used to being a dad! On Sunday after visiting our new addition I decided to complete an acrylic I started a few days ago from our trip to Saltburn. It could be finished – not sure! While painting, I was thinking about the Glasgow Boys. I was trying for an impressionistic feel, and even though it lost its way, there are parts I still like. A few technical changes need making to the pier.

Saltburn by the sea

Bowes Museum Limes

Lime Avenue

Inside the entrance to the Bowes Museum stands an avenue of limes. They’re planted horizontal to the wall, so most people don’t notice unless they’ve walked the grounds. Towards the end of the summer the avenue is awash with yellows. It’s a delight to walk. A hidden gem.



Tree and Drumlin-Teesdale

This painting is a work in progress (I think!), produced from a photograph taken in mid summer at Low Force, Teesdale, when the drumlin was carpeted in buttercups and red clover. The simplicity was the real challenge,

Tree and drumlin

with my mind  firmly set on the way I wanted to paint. It’s part there, but still with some way to go. I painted the sky almost in reverse, laying down the pale blue first, then painting the white cloud on top. It’s one of the many acrylics on canvas, that will no doubt find a home behind the piano, never seeing the light of day.