4 Replies to “The Whitby Sketchbook 2014”

  1. Happy work just shines right through
    I have to make a list of happy moments, then I make myself read them then I happy dance for about 10 minutes. ABBA is good for me. I literally reprogram my brain chemistry. Add in a brisk walk.

    Have you read Bolte-Taylor’s. book My Stroke Of Insight ? Life changing for me. I am over the top with emotion and often read others emotions too. The power of changing my own brain chemistry has given me a new lease on life and doubled my creativity. I no longer do others emotions for them. And I think I demonstrated some amazing patterning for my children just a little idea sharing here.

    My partner is always depressed. So he exercises daily and rides huge bike tours so he can ignore his emotions. I think one of these days he might explode. ???

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