Easter Bunnies


ladyonthegreen-copyTomorrow, I’m due to find out why I’m loosing the use of my right foot. Nerve damage or worse, a condition that has deteriorated since Christmas, possibly linked to diabetes and general ill health. I’ve lost nearly three stone in weight since November and nobody knows why. Haven’t been able to fit into a pair of size 34” jeans since I was 16. Chest X-Ray results on Monday, yeah I’m really looking forward to that. Can’t say I’m a happy Easter bunny. Not enough time for painting and my diversion to oils has been a mixed affair. Enjoy your Easter.


10 Replies to “Easter Bunnies”

  1. I rather feel as though I am falling apart this spring – so I can identify with you on this post. No time for the life giving stuff – pooh!
    My right elbow is disintegrating, my hand shakes so badly I can hardly write. I decided to purchase a Dragon Dictate program to keep doing my book reviews This morning my hip is out of joint. Growing old is not for sissies! as Jack Benny would say.

    I do like your painting and that Easter bonnet – so royal. I also remember being in Korea one May and all the gorgeous Humbak (?) clad women looking like blooming flowers as they walked the parks and by the ponds.

    When the children were little our church group met in a park on the water’s edge. I always got my kiddos new sweat pants and hoodies so they would not be limited by beach play activities on Easter Sunday morning. Peace Dancing and looking out to the Olympic Mountains always seemed more fun that Easter Bonnets.

    Your painting reminds me of the very first oil painting I ever purchased. I was 15. You work is so lovely and saucy, flirty Thank you

  2. I love the painting; not so much this news about huge weight loss and deteriorating use of your foot. I’m thinking of you, Keith, and hoping there is a simple fix to this.

  3. Diabetic neuropathy? I hope you are ok, and to echo Leslie, I hope there is a simple fix for your health issues.

    Lovely painting. Have you stopped with watercolors and moved to oils now?

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