Inspiration from failure

Some of my recent work has lost direction. Excepting  failure as part of the process means failures still have value in the learning process. It’s not always the final product but the process we take in getting there. I don’t strive to be perfect, only better than my last piece of work. The lesson is to not give up and to accept possible failure as a part of process.Northern-Lights




8 Replies to “Inspiration from failure”

  1. Failure in folks building art has been our bread and butter for years. We are such a small architectural office and the big stuff always goes to the big boys club members. Then when the buildings fail ( usually in about 10 years) my partner gets the fixit job and he goes in and redesigns the building to take care of moisture causing failures, molds, hazards and energy wastes. He just redesigned a Performing Arts Center for the state and it now truly meets the communities needs and wants, plus it is so energy efficient it is saving the center money – similarly a college science building. Although he would have liked to be a star in the first place, well now he is a star at fixing and energy efficiency because of all those failures. It is a different art form

    Since we do not have much government support for support of the earth in the USA, it is nice to know we are appreciated in hindsight in our corner of the world. Maybe that is why we can not ever retire?

  2. Failure, frustration, despair and disaster. They never go away. Our new blogging practices can compound the problem. When I demonstrate for a class, I know I’ll be posting it on my blog. A handsome or slick demo may look good on the blog but the student learning experience should be the real aim of the demo.
    As for personal work, it’s courageous to expose it to the global internet audience but not necessarily wise, always. The early Blues musicians on the Mississippi Delta talked about ‘woodsheddin’. Lock yourself in a woodshed, by yourself, for a year and develop your personal sound.
    Your new work is exciting, Keith. It’s not good or bad. It’s the result of your new process and your yearning as an artist. It’s more important than good or bad; it’s honest.

    1. I’m planning to set up a studio for next term in my class to share my work with learners and to break down the teacher- student relationship. It’s a creative high-risk experiment but shares good practice. I agree it’s the process of learning, (the journey) rather than the product in what we leave behind that’s important.

  3. Hi Keith, I guess the most important thing is to keep going and learn whatever lessons there are to learn in your failures. BTW, I like the painting you posted.

  4. Sometimes, I like artists’ failures, or what they think are failures, better than their other work. It’s new and refreshing. I’d hang the above piece. I like the moody color, the abstract quality of it, the brushstrokes that impart energy. Quite frankly, I would not think of it as a failure, Keith.

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