Durham Woodland


The cold outside is giving way to a full storm, Christmas lights caught by the wind are dancing like tiny stars. I’m expecting the garden to be candied in frost by tomorrow or even worse.

Seems like yesterday I drew this sketch of snow shadows in a Durham woodland. Where did that year go?

12 Replies to “Durham Woodland”

  1. New look? Your blog looks very smart. I like the snow drawing even though we’ve had plenty of that particular subject matter around here lately. Is it coloured pencil? I’ve been doing a bit of sketching in coloured pencil recently and it’s been a refreshing break from watercolour.

  2. That is how it looked here yesterday and then the little drips from the apple trees made holes in the grounded white. A surprise as we warmed up today. My partner is looking for the right thing to paint this holiday. He is giving a painting of Ruby Beach, Washington to one daughter and a bright yellow apartment house from his trip to Denmark to another daughter this year. He is trying to find another building he wants to do, and started a row of stucco boxy houses in sunset in San Francisco this past November. I am reviewing 2 paintings by Canada’s primer painter on Mayne Island BC – Terrill Welch ( Creative Potager is her blog) I am excited about the opportunity. My review will go up on Facebook on Dec. 25th…
    I see you are on FB too…will send out a friend request.
    Nice snow – I do not know how to do that in either computer or with paint. Thank you for sharing this work and Happy Holidays to you and yours
    I had to get Zip a sweater as he rolled in pitch and the only was to clean it up was a very short haircut ! Happy Happy to Doris too

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