SAD it’s back.


SAD has entered the uncharted regions of my mind yet I do value those geese.

Searching for relationships and values from absolutes, light to dark, is like searching for notes on a scale, you know they’re out there, but pinning  down can be difficult. Once you’re in tune with your melody things, life, become a whole lot clearer. Absolutes of beginnings and ends need to be filled with values which make life worth living. Choose your notes and enjoy your time.

My available space on WordPress seems to be coming to an end. Perhaps this is where my journey as North Pennines Gallery comes to an end and a new beginning takes shape. Much to ponder.

9 Replies to “SAD it’s back.”

  1. I hear you about SAD. I hate when the change the clocks back here and suddenly it’s dark when I leave for work and when I come home. So depressing. I like your goose. I always struggle with getting full values and not just the ones in the middle.

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN you are running out of wordpress space???? That’s not good. Please let us know what you decide to do and not lose touch. Actually we are FB friends so I know I can always find you, but still.

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