October 2013

My Wednesday art class reworked some old paintings. October seemed a fitting title.



14 Replies to “October 2013”

  1. Hi Keith I do like this
    so knowing nothing 😉 and just how I see it, on a re-work
    just a touch more yellow gold in the trees would up lift it for me
    rather than somber “Bloodly Hell” that’s Summer Finished

  2. there is an energy in autumn and you have caught it well in your painting. The blueberry bushes here are startlingly red as the leaves change; the new street trees are starting to let go of their leaves – if the sun stays out many will be out raking. A few cold nights here, primarily over heavy rain. 3″ in one 4 hour period. My partner worked on a painting of La Push, Washington – on the ocean side – which he is giving a daughter for Christmas. Winter a good time for painting and reading.
    I recently reviewed a book called Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. It is a contemporary fable and a Wonder Full read, I think your boys might like it too. Good for ages 12-95 In search of the answer to the big questions about living. I just do not want any one I know and like to feel left out. A writer friend who lives near London ( in the countryside) was able to get it on her e-reader and liked it so much she ordered a bound copy. FYI

    Lovely painting – I am going to show it off to my guy when he get home
    thank you for sharing your work.

  3. Gorgeous! I like the stillness of it, where the shadow of Autumn seems to cover whats left of Summer…
    Take Care…

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