When the paint dries up.

Occasionally, the paints aren’t to hand and you need to use what’s closest. I often turn to my Caren D’ache pencils. I always thought it cheesey when people drew their children. I now make it a constant subject matter, a diary of sorts as to when they were young and I wasn’t so old. Sorry for any missed posts during my recent subatical. Normal Autumn service has resumed. SAD?, I’m not going there this year.



12 Replies to “When the paint dries up.”

  1. What a wonderful drawing and I liked the pencil work and color. I took an art class in middle school and then life drawing in college. I never branched out into any color all my work was with a pencil and this nubby grey stick which blurred the lines and shaded. I got so tired of drawing bones – I gave it up.

    A friend met a woman named Mary Libby at a street fair of artists and she got her to come to our town and do drawings of all our children. We had a third daughter later then that visit and ran into Libby in another town one day and she did our youngest too. A lovely woman in graphic design did my husband’s portrait for an ad campaign for his office and now all these drawings hang on our wall and there is a beauty of their capture which shines right through and the mind holds the memory dear, very dear.

    I think this drawing and your often paintings of your children will serve you well and will reveal those true moments of the capture and how your pencil and heart meshed once again.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind reply Patricia, I too enjoyed life drawing at college and I stress the importance of value over colour. Students become lost in colour and loose sight of what’s in front of them. I’d love to see those pictures you so beautifully describe. The older we become the more we value the simple things. Drawing my children is just one.

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