Painting the village green

Norton Green June

No doubt you’ll be familier with the phrase, ‘painting the town’, well that’s what I’m proposing, but replacing the ‘town’ with  the ‘village,’ as I attempt to paint every tree on the village green from one angle or another. Inspiration has come via Edgar Payne and the wonderful work of John F. Carlson, two American artists who seem to hit the right note with me.


8 Replies to “Painting the village green”

  1. I wish some one had accomplished that in our town – too much emphasis on the Capital Campus down the street and on top of the hill. The local park is now just a little square on the edge and the stunning trees, most have been attacked by some disease or human damage – there used to be weekly concerts in the park – now they move the concerts around when they can pay the musicians. It is as sad as the bus station falling down on the one side and the empty telephone building on the other. Even the delightful bookstore is gone replaced by a Starbucks…I wish you well on this project

      1. My mentor/ therapist just suggested yesterday that I suffer from an over abundance of kindness!

        I just think such wonderful projects like your paintings would keep memories alive of how beautiful a place was and could be again and again and again. It does not need to stay the same but it could return to being a community center.

        A young woman here just purchased a busy corner lot and took down the fast food shop to put in a park with volunteer help. Chess tables and trees and a place to sit and wait for the bus, with old craft skills being taught on weekends. Without the park being finished a lovely rendering has been painted to help us visualize and last week under a tent there was a horse shoeing/ black smith – iron artist, and a stone carver. I thought it was wonderful – most are worried about it getting damaged?

        Dreams on paper. History captured through a talented eye and hand play – there is the hope and the delight.
        Don’t fret the grammar, just keep sharing your talent.

        Zip has a pet crow – they bark and tease! Though today is too hot to move a muscle

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