Summer sketch from Filey North Yorkshire

sbeach north yorkshire

June, and the sun’s shining like a millionare. We (the family) visited Filey last weekend – a small seaside town in North Yorkshire, historically part of the East Riding of Yorkshire, located between Scarborough and Bridlington on the North Sea coast.

It was almost a memory from childhood, an old fashioned summer’s day when the sun was so hot you could burn in your own back garden. Then thoughts shift to departed family and friends, those we love and miss. The unsuspected changes and fortunes remind us to live life and enjoy every day. Corners will come, enjoy your sun.


14 Replies to “Summer sketch from Filey North Yorkshire”

  1. Your work and words remind me again of what I was hoping to see in my UK visit now 4 years ago. I had an afternoon at Hood’s s Canal this month but no ocean trips on the horizon for me. I am so drawn to water, I am hoping that I might be included in a sailing trip through Puget Sound to Victoria BC when the office takes its picnic weekend. My partner is so seasick and loves the mountains – so he is headed to the North Cascades for a 10 day hike around Ross Lake this July.
    I just spent 2 hours watering the yard ( we are having a week of summer!) and Zip loved chasing the spray from the hose. I wish I could get him to COME when called – I think he and I would go to the ocean on our own. He just runs and runs when he gets free – It took me a whole afternoon to catch him during his last escape. I bet Doris is much better behaved!

    1. Doris is on bird watch patrol and it’s taking all my efforts to prevent her from catching fledglings in the garden. I bet Zip and Doris would get on well together. I love the mountains and the sea which makes the Isle of Skye my most favourite place. Hope the hike is going okay, I’d love to spend a sustained period of time simply walking the hills.

      1. A new book just came in for my review called Letters from the Isle of Skye – I am 50 pages in and it is very good WWII and 25 years after the war – about a poet who lives on the Isle of Skye

  2. I also like the sketch and the movement in both people. I love the details, the man’s beard, the hair over the face of the child and the questions the painting raises ….what is in the pail, what is the man trying to find in the sand? Jane

  3. Hi Barry, I bet your ears must burn every Thursday evening when we (my art class ) visit your blog. We call them windbreakers, a very British occupation of squaring off your area of the beach and defending.

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