Old footpath


Busy lives strive to abandon the spirit from places we carry with us. The day-time window beckons the soul, while the fingers tap and the pen push, the mind is wondering lonely fells giving birth to infant streams. The hunger for solitude searches for intimate landscapes becoming intimate places within our hearts. While alone we miss the company of others, in the landscape a journey out becomes a journey in. Office days become wasted years as the trappings of modern life fade the memory of an old footpath walked long ago by a younger man.


17 Replies to “Old footpath”

  1. The call of the spring spirit to be in the arms of nature at her grand opening each year…well written and great drawing.
    After a weekend in the big city, wonderful to contemplate the wood.

  2. Your words are so powerful and your art full of meaning. I spent four days last week in the hills of Tennessee – far away from civilization. It was full of peace and quiet and was very rejuvenating. May we all walk the fells and sit by the streams we dream of.

  3. Going to be following your blog now Keith, I would like to feature your work on my hobbies website too, Cheers, Graham…..YourHobby…..

  4. Haven’t looked here for ages ….”Busy lives….”! I can agree with your sentiments. Unusual to see you drawing vehicles – hope you get some time to appreciate the wilder sides of life in the near future:)

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