Girl with summer in her hair


Number three in my set of  ‘The Four Susans’ only one more to go.


10 Replies to “Girl with summer in her hair”

  1. Now this Susan reminds me of a young girl with Cerebral Palsy named WREN. She was the subject of a story about how her parents made sure she could hold her breath and swim even with leg braces on ( well how to release them to save her life) When she was about 12 she fell out of a boat and nearly drowned but was able to release the braces and hold her breath long enough to be rescued. My Father carried the book with him as he taught about educating everyone /every child as an inspiration that every person did indeed have skills and talents and could have a full life. Your drawing looks like the cover of the book…without the hand holding the wren on her finger. Very nice work Thank you for sharing

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