Girl in the winter hat


I’ve been busy with my sketch book encouraging my loyal group of dedicated learners to sketch as often as they can. I firmly believe the best way to learn about drawing is to draw. Read as many books, watch as many videos as you wish, the learning is in the participation and I believe I’m speaking from experience. For many years I allowed my interest to waver. It’s only the past six  years I’ve picked the pencil and brush up again.

I’ve also had the benefit of some good friend’s blogs and websites who’ve encouraged me along the way. Barry Coombs. Leslie White, Carol King, Amber, Val ,Patricia and to everyone else who I’ve failed to mention, but who’s taken the time to like or commented.


Stay warm



9 Replies to “Girl in the winter hat”

  1. Oh I thought it was my neighbor from across the street – Chloe…just lovely and thank you for the shout out. You do such wonderful work…I need to get a better picture of ZIP to you…I would like a drawing for our family portrait wall…
    My husband says he is going to paint , draw and ride his bicycle when he retires in 5 years…I say you have the biking down…now lets get the paints out…so now he is painting the living room, dining, office and bathrooms! Not quite what I was proposing, but he does have a lovely ocean view he is working on for his youngest’s birthday which was yesterday! I took a wild arts painting class and that was so fun…I am cleaning file draws and updating computers to get some space to just draw in my sketchbook…I liked the colours and the movement…it feels foreign.

  2. I used to draw much more than I do now – particularly life drawings, but these days I prefer to just doodle. I love ‘girl in a winter hat’. Great. 🙂

  3. You are so right about the only way to get better is to keep drawing. I like the direction of your strokes and the shapes of the shadow play in this portrait, very much.

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