February storm beach


Tees tide is running fast, clapping at my heels. A sky between red and blue swallows the last of the light and I’m chasing the first days of life. Spring will never be seen again, one day this will be true. For now I thank the earth’s axis and its tilt to the orbital plane. March will bring an early summer only to disappear all too soon.


9 Replies to “February storm beach”

  1. Like (tick) you’ve certainly got the clouds looking heavy
    22nd. March 2012 single Swallow above Langcliffe Settle N. York’s. I was in shorts drinking wine in the warm sunshine. April 2012 I was back to thermals in the frosts, winter came all too soon.
    Vernal (spring) equinox 2013-20-March – 11:02 GMT
    thanks for sharing Danny

    1. I remember the March sunshine even sunburn. Each Tuesday I work in a busy part of town. There’s a view from my window to a railway embankment, where the swallows like to catch insects. I was looking out yesterday longing for them.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this one. It is so beautiful, especially the sky. I keep looking at… The light, the color, the form… It is captivating. Your narrative is also a treat, as always. Reading it I am reminded of a crazy dream I had 2 nights before. Aliens came and destroyed the axis of the earth. Everyone held tight as the earth wobbled, seasons changed, and tides wreaked havoc.

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