The washing line

The space I call my office, (a room crammed with anything but space), leans out to a view where the green finch and house sparrows hide. They dart from cover into our small front garden. Their quarrelling is incessant, they chase in gangs, often fleeing in flocks as the raptor approach. In the secret back garden we have two feeders, named a) and b) ( I really need to work on names), they act as ‘fly-throw’ for every small feeding bird in the village. Today I counted the first coal tits, bossed by sparrows but holding their own until overwhelming numbers chased them from view. I’m staring Seasonal Adjustment Syndrome in the face. It looms like the brink of a storm on a grey horizon. Thank goodness for the hedge and the feeders and the memory of clothes drying in summer on the washing line.


19 Replies to “The washing line”

  1. We call it the solar clothes dryer and then in winter the fireplace dryers. Nice work and It’s so nice to know that others do the same.

    It is so rainy today that neither bird nor squirrel has ventured forth, thou Zip and I did 2 miles this morning and then returned home to dry out. I so enjoy you work

  2. It’s getting pretty cold around these parts. We have a new feeder setup in our backyard and it’s been a real source of pleasure and relaxation. We should exchange feeder lists. I’m curious about your visitors.

  3. Yeah, SAD’s pretty much hit me and my husband now, too. He’s got it worse than me, but I’m finding myself escaping to daydreams instead of concentrating on today or reality.

    We have a young robin that is scared of sparrows! Everytime they’re anywhere near it it leaps in the air and eeps!

    Good to have the wildlife around, to keep us grounded to nature, yes.

    The painting is quite a contrast. Nice. 🙂

  4. I like clothes on the line painting. I have a friend who sells every single watercolor she paints when they have clothes hanging on the line in them. We chuckle about that all the time.

  5. Oh no! you’re the first site I’ve visited that has the snow falling. I hope it’s not a harbinger of weather to come. We are still recovering from the Hurricane! (But I still like your laundry.)

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