Moor House Natural Nature Reserve 60th anniversary

I’m delighted to say, one of my paintings has found its way into the NeST art gallery in Barnard Castle. The exhibition is part of the Moor House Natural Nature Reserve 60th anniversary. A group of group of writers and artists were invited to experience the atmosphere on a walk around Moor House in May 2012. Judith Marshall described the day on her lovely blog. We all had a taste of real North Pennine weather resulting in four inspired pieces of work for the Natural England exhibition (as above). The following was taken from Judith’s blog…

From left to right, June Redfearn completed a watercolour of Rough Sike, Judith Marshall superimposed a beautiful poem onto a framed view of Cross Fell, while I produced a mixed media canvas of a flock of sheep braving similar weather conditions and Tony McGuigan combined photography and graphic design techniques created a series of ’eco-heroes’ including the native sphagnum and reindeer moss.

The work is on show at NeST, 25 Newgate, Barnard Castle, DL12 8NG until the 11th November. See



10 Replies to “Moor House Natural Nature Reserve 60th anniversary”

  1. Congratulations Keith. I took a look at the site & lots of the work looks interesting – when I selected the individual artist though nothing would come up which was a pity.
    I was just recently looking at an exhibition catalogue online that a friend of mine (Helen Hunt – there’s a link on my blog) who lives in England is participating in (in Cranbrook) & then I was thinking just how much nature is such a big inspiration for so many artists in the UK. Now I’m thinking the same thing here. Of course this exhibition is to celebrate the nature reserve – but still, as an outsider looking back, so to speak, I feel like in the UK there’s a particularly strong place for nature in art.

    1. I agree Sonya, and thanks for the kind comments. Flora and fauna especially in such species rich areas as the North Pennines, always become subject matter. I spent 4 months of this year working with Natural England on the Teesdale Assemblage. A fascinating project that will be ongoing for many years to come. I need to pay you a visit.

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