Three shades of grey

During the summer (ha-ha-ha) we visited Whitby with the children. There’s an area where coaches park ready to pick-up day-visitors from great Yorkshire cities like Leeds and Bradford. I use my mobile to snap them and rework in three shades of grey. Less means more the older we become.


12 Replies to “Three shades of grey”

  1. the light in this is awesome. I’m really drawn to the lady one in from the left motioning or pointing. I want to know more of the story of this group as they sit and wait. Good one, Keith!

  2. Nice job…and I like the 3 shades of grey. We are experiencing the 50 Shades of Grey book here….a novel about marriage written by a Seattle author and most folks are describing it as erotica….at half way through, I thought it was just pornography and not worth the effort to finish.

    A new painter has moved into my neighborhood from Bowen Island in British Columbia Canada…I am excited to explore her work too

    ZIP is being a pesky teenager and somewhat embarrassing this week as he turns 2….and we are finally having some summer here today 86’F and tomorrow 82’F….but 35’F last Sunday night…the blueberry bushes are very maroon leafed.

  3. Here from Leslie’s. Congrats on your award.

    I love the way you handled the lighting here and the inking in (probably not the correct terminology – sorry!) … and you are right, “Less means more as we grow older.” Thoroughly enjoyable post. Thank you! 😉

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