Waiting for summer- Thornaby Platform 2

When I was a boy, we had summers that were real summers, so hot you could sunbathe in your own back garden. Whilst walking the children to school, I tell them how July wasn’t always so wet and how the sun always took us to the beach with our buckets and spades. They look at me like I’m making it all up. Only 10 and 8, they don’t know any different- July and August or (summer holidays) mean nothing but rain. They don’t own a bucket and spade.


18 Replies to “Waiting for summer- Thornaby Platform 2”

  1. Mmmm…. things are definitely changing, but we do still have some summer from time to time, it’s just displaced to a tiny bit of April and a tiny bit of October now. No bucket and spade? Do what my parents did in the interim and let them have a sand-pit in the garden or yard.

    Like your sketch. 🙂

  2. Hi Keith,
    Oh for some rain, here. We are having the opposite. The heat is so hot it even makes the beach uncomfortable unless one stays the entire time in the water. The local lake where I take my Granddaughters has warmed to the temperature of bath water it has been so hot, here. This is abnormal for us and not a trend I hope will continue. Last summer my Granddaughter and I enjoyed bike rides and the zoo and going to the pool and beach. Lately, we have given that up for activities indoors. I really like this painting. It reminds me of sitting with my Mother and Grandmother and waiting for the “el” in Chicago so I could see wondrous sites in a big city!

  3. Although today is scheduled for 81’F we are on our third years of grey, wet, cool summers. Tomorrow is 63″F and raining….The mid west of the USA is getting 104 -110’F weather right now and having AC brown outs. I just decided I would love the weather I was getting – and celebrate my beautiful skin 🙂

    So enjoyed your drawing.
    I would like to go out to the ocean for a couple of days and enjoy the waves – rain or shine…and wow did we have a huge 3 day thunder and lightening storm last weekend. Terrill Welsh an artist at Creative Potager, Mayne Island British Columbia said they could see the storm all the way down Puget Sound…

  4. I think there’s a high moving over Europe now so hopefully by now you’re getting some of the sunshine we’ve got here in the Basque Country. It’s been a bit on & off here too, though nowhere near like it’s been in the UK. I remember Yorkshire summers being full of lots of rain nearly 30 years ago so what you’re describing as worse must be really depressing. Perhaps I’ve got soft! I guess the main prediction of global warming is that nothing is predictable any more – it certainly looks that way when you start to look at what people are saying at a global level- even from the sample of comments left here. Bon courage!

  5. Awwwww…. What a bummer about your rainy summer. July and August are generally the worst months here by San Francisco. No rain, but bone-chilling wind and fog. However, so far this year we are having more sun than is usual. It’s nice, but disconcerting. I sure enjoy they way you capture people…unposed and full of character!

  6. Weather seeming to get slightly better but yes I remember when summers were summers too! Infact it was only 6 years ago in 2006 that I believe we had one of the hottest summers on record!! Anyway, is there anyway to contact you Keith?? 🙂

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