Whitby side streets

Yet another sketch without sheep, heather, or hills. Last week’s half-term, trip to Whitby with the children was a hurried affair and not the full day we promised. Very busy too. I took a few mobile snaps and sketched a memory of the day.


15 Replies to “Whitby side streets”

  1. I like it – though I had to look up Whitby and it took me awhile to find it

    nice work

    You are my feature and ZIP on 2/23/2012 Thursday here…FYI

    yes indeed, nice work.

    Another post came in also…it was a code error message – FYI

  2. Oh no! I think I’ll go into wool withdrawal. Don’t make me have to draw more sheep!!! This is a wonderful picture – so lively and energetic. Your people are great, and the contrast in shading from dark side of the lane to bright is impressive. I need to study how you do that.

    1. Aye but your too kind 🙂 I have more sheep on the horizon just as soon as I get over the Whitby period. I feel the better sketches are those done quickly, usually outside. I make a mess of more than I show. 🙂

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