Newcastle’s quayside – Christmas Eve 2011

Today was my first official (self employed) day back at work, the children’s holidays extending slightly longer than usual, I decided to take a few extra days, now it all seems like a distant memory. For those who ‘suffer’ my blog, you will know I’m definitely not a winter person. Suffering from SAD, I push through until the door is closed on February. Yet the festive season had it’s moments, a simple Christmas Eve stroll through Newcastle’s quayside being one of them.


20 Replies to “Newcastle’s quayside – Christmas Eve 2011”

  1. Oh I liked this drawing so well…and I can see the dark colour..
    SAD is a common ailment here Though yesterday we had 63’F and clear winter sunshine all day – it was a wow. Today is grey but not raining.

    I am thinking I need some more colourful clothing – I dressed in grey and black today too…red jacket for our walk.
    ZIP and I did it in record time.

  2. Another lovely drawing and painting, my friend.

    Take heart and find strength in knowing that I too suffer the winter blues till the first signs of Spring knock on my door.

  3. I am already noticing longer days, just! I suffer from the opposite, though I don’t think it has a name. The bright days make me miserable, by June I am longing for early, dark nights. Cloudy days are better than sunny! It takes all kinds 🙂 What a great architectural drawing/painting. Now I wish I could draw like that. My buildings would look like Medieval manuscripts!!!

    1. Medieval manuscripts, now there’s a thought! You’re very kind, my humble sketches are nothing more, although the pleasure is increased with the sharing. I’m not all winter gloom, I’m happy enough in winter when away from home, but working from home in the dark afternoons is very difficult for me.

  4. I just scrolled through the last two paintings while taking this one in. Way to go on the soft light in these, Keith! I pick up on it being evening and the soft flickers of light bouncing here and there just add a peaceful note to these three paintings. I’d hang them together. Awesome!

    1. Thank you Leslie. I’ve enjoyed my last few sketches, produced very quickly without much planning. The 1 point perspective is also something I’m working on in my scribbles. Thanks as always for your feedback.

  5. I really love your sketches and understand about SAD! For me, it changes as soon as I come up from the subway after work and it’s still light out! I’ts amazing how one’s energy changes with the light!

  6. Hello again – I’m sorry -my comment about running was pretty insensitive given your back problems -& I should have known better because I remember now you talking about that last summer.

  7. There is such a peacefulness to this sketch. It’s beautiful. And guess what? Winter is almost over! *sending you some California sunshine (minus the fog)* 🙂

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