Grassmarket Edinburgh New Year’s Eve 2011

We spent Christmas at home this year but travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland for New Year’s Eve with the children. No snow for a change, but we suffered some of the worst gales in nearly 15 years with wind speeds of up to 102mph in Edinburgh. The journey home was dreadful. Made a few sketches from our visit and took lots of photos. Happy New Year to all my friends and followers.


13 Replies to “Grassmarket Edinburgh New Year’s Eve 2011”

  1. Love this watercolor sketch, Keith! I’ve always adored your artwork.

    Those winds had the force of hurricane winds. So glad you made it home okay.
    Happy New Year, Keith!

  2. All looks calm and peaceful in this lovely sketch, Keith. That was some gale to travel through. We are too far inland for winds like that, so it’s hard to imagine! Glad you are safe home and wish you happy painting. Happy New Year!

  3. I heard about your high winds on the news the other day. I thought of you and a coupleof other bloggers when I heard it. Phew! Those are some winds!
    I like your painting above because it reminds me of a set I walked into at a museum in Chicago that was to replicate an old street scene. I was vacationing with my family at the time. This reminds me that we never know what art will sell that we create. We may think what moves someone else as the oddest choice. I like this painting a lot, Keith.

    1. Very scary winds, causing much structural damage and sadly loss of life. I’ve enjoyed sketching and painting in this very loose style. I have a few more I might post later. It seems more natural for me to work in this way and as you say, you just never know what lights other peoples candles. It means a great deal to read your encouraging post Leslie.

  4. Happy New Year! Your sketch is terrific. I like the broad brushstrokes and the way you’ve patterned the white and off-white rectangular shapes.
    I loathe wind. Glad you survived the ordeal.

  5. Your picture of Edinburgh seems to capture a charming old city – my son and my daughter went there many years ago – they found the castles amazing, as we don’t have places that old around here.

    The winds you describe are equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane! Must have been terrifying! I’m so glad you are all safe.

    1. Hello Barbara and thank you for the Christmas card. Edinburgh is my favourite city (take away the tack shops along the Royal Mile). Category 2 hurricane, sounds fitting. Thanks again.

  6. I love your watercolour sketch, Keith.

    The winds here were dreadful til yesterday. Looks like some more on the way in a day or two… could do without them, the house shook with the last lot. Definitely more low-end hurricane than gales.

    Have a happy new year.

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