Summerhill Force-Teesdale

Being another year older, I decided to embark upon another project to add to my growing list of unfinished work. Between, work, children/family, rugby, farmers’ markets, college and writing my book, I’ve tried to bridge an unfulfilled ambition to paint a large acrylic of Summerhill Force in Teesdale. I’ve made a few preliminary sketches in pencil and coloured pencil. I produced a few small watercolours last year, but I need to get the big canvas done to satisfy the thing that lives inside my head.


22 Replies to “Summerhill Force-Teesdale”

  1. Your sketches are delightful and I can hardly wait to see the larger canvas when it is completed.

    I am giving away a copy of Terrill Welsh’s new photography and painting book on November 24th on I will ship it any where in the world…or Blurb will!
    It is all about Mayne Island British Columbia Canada…her work is very impressionistic and stunning.

    I enjoy the softness of the sketches, they seem to allow the imagination to play within it and yet feel the flow of the water.

    I am going to be gone for a week for US Thanksgiving to San Francisco to see my daughter…Zip will hold down the fort here with a house and dog sitter! We are hardly ever apart so this should prove interesting.

    We are all so busy and I wish I could try some of you partner’s ginger treats…yum My fave!

  2. Those “nagging” visions, right, Keith? I get those, also. There is never any end to them. You paint one and another pops into your head. Maybe that is a good definition of an artist; one who has “nagging”visions that must be created so they will be put to rest. 🙂

    I remember this scene and love it. Can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

    A book? Fantastic!

  3. Hi Kevin. Your sketches have a lot of movement. I am interested in the portrayal of waterfalls. I notice yours include downward movement in the rocks as well as the water. I’ll buy your book! Jane


    You’re writing a book??? What about?

    It amazes me that you can draw and paint a waterfall. I love the black and white sketch. You have visions in your head? Do you have voices that go along with them? 🙂 Lovely sketch and painting.

  5. I really enjoy these preliminary sketches and I can not WAIT to see your acrylic painting. Have you begun yet? 🙂 How big will it be? How exciting! You inspire me. I have a nice easel that lives in my closet. One of these days I should really try oils again. I enjoyed it once, but the smell, the mess, and the commitment of such a project is a bit daunting. How is your book coming along?

    1. Thanks Amber, I don’t use oils any more, instead I prefer acrylic. It’s just as fun but less mess and no turps! The large canvas is in the front room on the easel (still blank) The 80-20 ratio needs addressing at the moment. It’s an interesting theory if you care to google.

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