North Pennines

First free Sunday in ages, and my youngest son was involved in a rugby festival, so no walking again in October. I produced this sketch using acrylic inks on an acrylic pad which don’t buckle or bend when you apply the medium. It also takes pencil really well.

Next week I’m looking for a window to walk


18 Replies to “North Pennines”

  1. Oh this is great! I’m in love with your sheep paintings and drawings. I would never tire of seeing them. You nail their crazy personalities. Your energetic line work is so impressive, it looks “alive.”

    Definitely wall out some time come hell or high water to get a walk in. You must thrive on it!


  2. Oh those charming sheep with their inquisitive, expectant faces… I hope you manage to get your walk in soon, although being there for our kids is important, too. Balancing it all can be so tricky.

  3. After a fierce windstorm we got up to 54’F and sunshine – Zip and I did a double long walk and the whole world seemed to be out and about checking out our wet world.

    My partner has not had a bike ride in 4 weeks since his return from his 6 weeks of riding from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border through the Mountain passes. He has some stunning photographs he wants to paint of his trip. His friend and co-rider John came over for dinner and added a number of people stories to the adventure and that was fun too.

    I have a stuffed sheep I got in Scotland on what was supposed to be my walking tour and turned into a bus tour. I will just have to come back.

    I am wishing I had some great ginger drink (? ale/beer) I had all over the UK tour…it would seem perfect for this Halloween day

    I enjoy your drawing and wish you a walk and sketch day soon.

    1. I’d love to see some of those paintings. Six weeks on a bike must have been hard work. A client and I did a charity bike ride three weeks ago (36 mile) for the Japan Earthquake appeal (another long story). I found it tough going at the end. My wife aka The Gingerbread Mam makes the best ginger wine, non alcoholic too! My boys also have a stuffed sheep from Scotland named Shaun as in Wallace and Gromit. Pleased to hear Zip is well. Thanks for the comments on my humble sketch.

  4. Ha! I want to know what each one is thinking! You know how much I like your animal paintings. Following your people portraits with this one makes me think of the individuality and uniqueness of each of these. 🙂

  5. The texture of the acrylic pad looks interesting. Does the texture not deviate the pencil line? Anyway, I like your sheep (and the text: ‘more bloody sheep’! I expect they were thinking ‘more bloody artists’! 😉 )

    When you get back to your blog, you might like to visit this post, in which I’ve finally got around to answering your question!
    What I am reading, what I love to read.

  6. It was my first attempt at the acrylic pad. I used a very thin mechanical pencil, otherwise I think the paper would smudge the pencil. The ink goes on a treat and there’s no fear of buckling, so no stretching required. I’m off for a look at your blog. Pleased you picked up the sketch title, my wife wont look here any more 🙂

  7. Oh I really like this Keith. The ink creates such richness and I like the effect of the texture on the acrylic pad. Your sheep always comes alive in your paintings! Beautiful work as always and I sure hope you’re able to get in that walk soon!

    1. Thank you Amber. I’ve overworked my last two attempts and dispatched into the bin. I have some new pencils I’m trying out and will revisit. As always your comments are supportive and always bring a smile.

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