Knock North pennines

Last weekend whilst driving through the village of Knock high in the North Pennines, we found ourselves suddenly ambushed by a flock of Swaledales. They looked equally as startled and for a brief moment we stared at one another.  I reached for my mobile and quickly took an out of focus picture. I’ve tried sketching the image and painting but the mood is lost. The humble upload from my phone has far more atmosphere hanging in the early morning air. Work in progress and a large acrylic on the agenda.


17 Replies to “Knock North pennines”

  1. I love the sketch. What the photo has but the sketch doesn’t is the sensation of having a wall of sheep following you with intent. They must have thought you were the farmer!

  2. I much prefer your sketch, as I don’t like the puddle reflextion –

    Take a piece of thin, translucent paper and write your name on it. Stand in front of a mirror and hold the paper up so that you can read the paper normally. Now look in the mirror. You are seeing the back of the translucent sheet in the mirror, and the word is not reversed — it looks completely normal. Now turn the paper over and look at it in the mirror. It is reversed, but so are the letters on the back of the translucent sheet. Note that you turned the paper over — you reversed it!

    In other words, the reason why letters look reversed in a mirror is because you are presenting them to the mirror reversed. The reason why someone coming toward you can read the message on your T-shirt is because the letters on your T-shirt are reversed (from your perspective) when you wear it. If you printed the words on the T-shirt so that you could read them (from the inside of the shirt), the words would look reversed to an approaching person but they would look great in a mirror.

    infact I don’t like reflections !
    cheers Danny

  3. My only encounter with Swaledale sheep is with the fiber. When I first learned to handspin wool, this was the sheep. For that reason they’re special to me, and I look forward to seeing the painting. I think you got that, “Ah, now what?” expression down on their faces! :>)


  4. I love both images Keith! I wouldn’t have guessed that the photo was the reference for the painting because they are both unique. There is a playfullness to your sketch and the sheep seem to be in motion. The image, with the morning air and the sheep soooo stationary and staring… well, there is almost an ominous feeling. I’d be a little unnerved I think to encounter so many intense staring eyes. hehe 🙂

  5. Well, I don’t know what all those sheep made me laugh, but they did. I think it was their expression which, if I had to describe it would be stunned. Your sketch is wonderful. Did they all go home with you?

    There’s a Knock in Ireland as well which is a shrine or something. I had never heard of it till I was touring around. No sheep, just a lot of tacky religious souvenirs. I was there in November of 2001, shortly after 9/11. While not religious, I decided to buy a magnet with a picture of Mary and the words “Protect Me Everywhere” figuring I would be covered that way. it’s still on my fridge.

    1. There was always a danger they might follow me home. We often visit Ireland-although as with most things, far less since the children came along. Our fridge is a giant magnet too! Thanks again for your kind comments Carol.

  6. Well. I just commented back to you, over my way, about how well you draw and paint these sheep, Keith. I have always felt you capture them just fine! I still have the images of your pigs you drew imbedded in my mind’s eye.
    Will look forward to seeing this in acrylic. Really will!.

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