Pigs in Bishop Auckland

Pigs - Pen and Ink

I’ve really taken to my pig study in Bishop Auckland but not sure if they’ve really taken to me! Beautiful creatures to draw, but there’s a space between us – a connection I cannot bridge. Intelligent and equal I feel they have the better of me or are they more equal?


8 Replies to “Pigs in Bishop Auckland”

  1. You are too funny, Keith! lol. They do not have the better of you. I love the drawings, and as always, I love they style in which you paint and drawing. Very well done, Keith!
    Hope you are well and enjoying your new grandchild, Keith.

  2. Hmmm… Perhaps the bridge cannot be bridged because they know you’re thinking about bacon 😉 hehe… sorry, couldn’t resist. But I must say I absolutely love this pig study. I’m so fascinated by your lines and shadows!

    1. There’s nothing like a good bacon roll and the bacon from this particular farm is fabulous, it’s because the pigs have such a good life style I believe. Thank you as always for your kind comments Amber.

  3. Keith, I grew up on a farm in Indiana and I could always relate to horses and cows with their big dark eyes. And to sheep, especially the playful lambs. But never to pigs. They are supposed to be smart but I never became attached – maybe it is because they do think they’re our equals…hmmm.

  4. Oink! Don’t have a clue about pigs. Our equals? Perhaps. I think we don’t give animals enough credit. And when they take over the world (Planet of the Apes, anyone?) we’ll be better off if we showed them some respect.

    Another lovely drawing Keith.

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