Postcards from the North Pennines

2011 North Pennine sketchbook

More postcards from the North Pennines. My long distrust of old, empty barns continues with this fellow. Probably no more than a few hundred years old, but still spooky enough to keep this sketcher firmly on the outside. I’ve also been up to some of my old tricks, sketching without first seeking approval and also chasing sheep. I’m going to get a name one of these days.


15 Replies to “Postcards from the North Pennines”

  1. er, hmmm, most people would be honored that you wanted to draw their barns anyway. I don’t think you have any concerns. I love all three of these drawings. I haven’t made up my mind yet which is my favorite yet, but I’m leaning to the man and the dog. Excellent work, Keith.
    Have fund Sunday.

  2. I think your name would betalented artist, Keith. I am drawn to these. It is a rather nostlgic thing, though I have never been to the Pennines. You take me back to the novels I used to read and that my Grandmother had on her bookshelves; each, beautifully illustrated with drawings no better than what you have here. Have you ever considered a book filled with postcard images of the North Pennines? I would buy it!

    1. Leslie, your kind constructive comments are always welcome. I’m producing a short book about the lesser known areas of the North Pennines that will feature some of my sketches from this blog. I will send you a copy FOC when finished. Thank you as always for your continued support.

  3. Real nice collection of postcard sketches Keith… I’d have been in that barn quicker than you could have said “ger’off my land”… lol… But then I always have had an odd interest in the old and decrepit…. just ask my wife… 😉

  4. You sure capture a story, a way of life, with these sketches. I just love them!! To me, living in such a fast-paced area, your scenes seem reminiscent of a quieter time that is still alive there. I don’t blame you for distrusting the old barns… they seem to hold some dark secrets, perhaps best left secret. Do people actually SEE you chasing sheep?? hehe

    1. I don’t think I’ve been caught on camera, so my reputation remains intact (for now). Life is slow in this part of the world which makes it easier to capture. I’m always pleased to read your comments Amber. I think you should visit the North Pennines if you ever get the chance, your appreciation of beautiful scenery will work here.

  5. I love the man walking his dog, too. I think it’s the way he’s holding his hands behind his back, as if he’s deep in thought. I’d love to see you publish a book filled with postcard images of the North Pennines, too!

  6. I love all three sketches, Keith. And I would worry about going into any of these falling down barns in case the roof collapsed on me as that’s always what looks like is about to happen with old barns!

    I went to a folk gig recently that was in a converted barn… phew, was it cold in there!

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