Ragged-robin Upper Teesdale

Ragged-robin, as the name implies, is a small ragged pink flower found in wet ground throughout the UK. If you can find a newly opened specimen untouched by the elements, the five petals look almost double in number. In Upper Teesdale we ‘re lucky to have a natural habitat that suites Silene Flos-cuculi (formerly Lychnis Flos-cuculi).

This simple painting was produced outdoors during early July,

In a area known as ‘Hannah’s Meadow’  my knees were soaked trying to kneel in the bog without disturbing other specious. This simple little flower is very special to me, iconic of the hay meadows of Upper Teesdale which are now at their best.

Ragged-robin, Upper Teesdale

18 Replies to “Ragged-robin Upper Teesdale”

    1. I’m humbled to bestowed such an award Val. It’s nice to read all those blogers, you included too. I shall make every effort to roll them out in due course. Thanks again as always for visiting. (L’e plume de ma tante’) still makes me smile

  1. I haven’t been visiting as often as I’d like lately due to my own perambulations, particularly a month in a remote area of Newfoundland with spotty internet access. Your flora and fauna (and dog) studies are all a pleasure to see.

  2. Ragged-Robin is quite the despcriptive name! You painted this WHILE kneeling in a bog??? It’s lovely, like a splash of color. I would love to see these flowers in the meadow. You certainly inspire me. I would love to try and paint outdoors.

  3. Hi Amber, it’s an area of specious rich habitat, so you need to be carful where you put your feet. As my feet are enormous I need to take particular care. Painting outdoors (especially in the North Pennines) can often be a hurried affair as the weather is fickle. Pleased you enjoyed the ragged-robin.

  4. I wouldn’t like to be definate given I’m not a biologist ! – but I think they’re pretty similar – probably a slightly different variety of the same thing.

    By the way, I sent you an e mail a bit ago to do with the question you asked about my poster, but I’m not sure if you got it ? If your computer is set anything like ours maybe it ended up in the spam?

  5. Your painting captures the spirit of the flower. We have Silene here too (Canada) but only the moss and bladder campions and the nightflowering catchfly. I can hardly take a photo, let alone paint in the field!!! Very nice work. Jane

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