Pigs in County Durham

A friend of mine who owns a farm in County Durham has built a fabulous farm shop with a lovely deli and I’ve been helping out with the marketing. It’s the real thing; you drive passed the pens and cows before reaching the shop. All the meat and vegetables sold in the shop are grown on the farm, zero food miles. Whilst working (not real work) on the farm, I’ve made a few sketches; pigs are even better models than sheep, hardly moving at all. I see another acrylic coming on.

Durham Pig

15 Replies to “Pigs in County Durham”

    1. Good to have you over asmalltowndad, love the name, I guess you’re a little like me! The pigs were a safe distance, they have an uncanny habit of being head height to your pelvis ( if you follow ). Thanks again for visiting. Much appreciated.

  1. The Farm shop sounds wonderful!! Do they have fresh cheeses too? Fresh meat, cheese and… hopefully wine, and I’m in heaven. How cool you are doing the marketing for them. A wonderful sketch of such an adorable piggy. It’s hard to think about how such a cute animal beomes the bacon that I love. eek. hehe… Keith, email me your address, please, and a postcard will be flying your way! 🙂

    1. They sell fresh meat and veg, but no homemade cheese (yet). I’m also a sucker for wine and cheese. My wife has a stall on the local farmers markets aka the Gingerbread Mam and we love our goats cheese with a nice crisp bottle of white. Thanks again for the kind comments on the piggy, alas I too am fond of the crispy bacon.

  2. With an economy of strokes you have managed a beautiful sketch of this pig.

    I must tell you that I probably wouldn’t be able to see the animals and then buy meat in the farm store. 😦 This pig is so cute. I could never eat pork chops after seeing this guy.

  3. I like your quick piggy sketch and the farm sounds the kind of farm farms should be if you’re going to eat meat- (unlike what I saw on holiday where there were rows of buildings full of pigs which never got to see the light of day before they’ll be turned into jamon serrano! )

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