Doris the West Highland Terrier

Summer seems to be flying past, yet I have little to show for my efforts. A visit to the Lake District provided some interesting sketches of my walking friends, as did my venture into Baldersdale. However, Doris proved to be the model of the month relaxing on our sofa.


10 Replies to “Doris the West Highland Terrier”

  1. I don’t have a lot to show for these rapidly passing summer month either. I’ve been in doors more than outdoors….boo who…but have been painting. I love this sketch of Doris. She must provide you plenty of friendship. I know pup does. I’d like to see more of Doris sketches!

  2. Doris is sooooooo cute! I love your sketches. The lines are just perfect and yet there is a freeness to them. I rather struggle with sketching which is why I am so drawn to yours. I like how Doris’ head is turned away and alert. Just precious. I have seen pictures of the Lake District and know that it is a beautiful place. I hope to see your sketches from your vist. 🙂

    1. Thank you Amber. I love the profile when she’s looking away. I think a lot about ‘values’ in my sketches now, something I didn’t consider in the past. I try to build the drawing as I would a painting. It looks free, but I think for ages before I make a line. Most of the time is doesn’t work, but I have a few a like. I’m going to post some sketches from the lakes. Thanks again as always for your time and effort to reply.

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