Saltburn by the sea

Saturday morning I became a granddad for the first time, hech I was just getting used to being a dad! On Sunday after visiting our new addition I decided to complete an acrylic I started a few days ago from our trip to Saltburn. It could be finished – not sure! While painting, I was thinking about the Glasgow Boys. I was trying for an impressionistic feel, and even though it lost its way, there are parts I still like. A few technical changes need making to the pier.

Saltburn by the sea

20 Replies to “Saltburn by the sea”

  1. Oh Keith, this Saltburn by the Sea painting is just beautiful! You always mange to find the coolest things to paint and turn them into a masterful piece of artwork. Your hand is truly gifted!
    Congratulation on the new grandchild, Kieth!!! Should I call you grandpa?…lol. You are going to spoil this child to pieces. Don’t go thinking you won’t; it just won’t happen that way.
    Have a blessed day my Friend!!

    1. Almost forgot to tell you. I’ve been looking around for another theme and this one here you are using is in the top 3. So don’t be surprised one day if you come have to visit to my blog and you see this theme.

    2. Thank Debbie, it’s taking a little getting used to. My daughter is 24 yet I still think of her as 4. I’m really pleased you like my painting. It was produced from a photograph I took on our trip to Saltburn. I just loved the horizontals and that shadow. I’m off for a visit to your blog. Thanks again for you generous words.

  2. I really like the loneliness of this painting. The composition is great and I like the shadow of the bridge on the sand and water.

    Now…CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a grandfather. It’s father’s day here in the States, so here’s to you!

    1. Thanks Carol, I think 47 is a little young to be a granddad but, I guess your never told old or young. Thanks again for your comments on the painting. It’s off behind the piano with the others for storage.

  3. A huge congratulations on the grand baby! That’s wonderful news! I am thrilled to see this lovely acrylic painting. How big is it? It’s beautiful the way your rendered the sky and sea, almost becoming one. It reminds me of home, although I like your pier better! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amber. 18′ x 16′. I keep looking at it trying to decide if I like it or not. Sometimes I just follow with what I’m feeling rather than thinking about the finished painting. So not much planning really just leaving everything to chance. Thanks again, Granddad Palmer 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Grandpa!
    …and Wow! I love this painting! The sky is to die for. I just sat and stared at it for the longest time. The moodiness of the dark values and oh the light on that curved rim of cloud under the bridge is an awesome touch. 🙂 I don’t know what more you want to do to the bridge as I like it now. Up there with my favorites of yours for sure. I want to be there in person and see and feel this scene myself.

    1. Thank you Leslie, I really appreciate your kind words. The pier is a feeble looking structure from most angles, so I guess it stands to reason that any painting will look leggy! I enjoyed the sky too, I found it difficult to get the right balance
      in the grey clouds and reworked it several times before deciding enough was enough. I find painting in oils and acrylics more akin to sculpture the way you can model the paint. I’m pleased you like it which means a lot to me. Being a Granddad will be a steep learning curve. Best Keith

  5. Beautiful painting Keith!! I also love the sky a lot.
    Your videos are great!

    Is the new little one a granddaughter or a grandson?
    Congratulations to you and your wife!!!
    I’ve got 2 granddaughters and one grandson and I love them to bits!
    It is wonderful to be a Gramps! Enjoy it.

  6. Boy have I been out of touch. Keith, congratulations on your first grandchild! They are wonderful and it is interesting to watch your children learn as they raise their little ones. I like the unusual composition in your painting and the clouds are magnificent. Do you work in acrylic often?

    1. Thank you LInda, I’ve been out the loop too of late. I hope things are okay with you. I produce two or three large canvass a year, which is strange as I paint more quickly than I do in watercolours. Looking forward to the granddad thingy!

  7. I love the sky and the way the sand stretches out and meets that cliff! Visit Saltburn more often, and paint more such paintings! 🙂

    Congratulations to you and your wife for becoming grandparents. Is it a grandson or a granddaughter? Have fun, for it’s going to be just that, I am sure!

    1. Priya, thankyou for your visit. Saltburn is only a few miles from our home, yet we seldom visit, but as you say, that’s all about to change! We have a grandson by the name of Will, he’s staying with us Sunday night- should be fun 🙂

  8. Composition & colours work well – nice to see you’re painting . Congratulations on being a grandparent – I agree with you on how you only get used to being a parent when…! Mine aren’t quite at that stage yet, but I guess you should never say never!!

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