Saltburn by the sea

We took the children to Saltburn by the sea on Sunday morning. A beautiful day included a ride on the newly refurbished cliff top tram. I’ve attached a short montage of the day with a little music. With luck it should show up on the home page.


11 Replies to “Saltburn by the sea”

  1. Hi Keith, what a great idea for the slide show vid, I might try and work out how you did it ? We’ve only been once, road the 500 single up, in the dark, when we lived at Whitby, nearly 30 years ago, to go to a Reggae concert, might just think of a seacond visit now cheers Danny

    1. Hi Danny, thanks again for visiting and your comments. We live in the doorstep yet I’ve only visited twice. I used Mac’s Keynote for the video, really simple to use. I opened an account with VIDPOD after posting on youtube, you just copy the code in your VIDPOD account and it appears on your wordpress blog, no costly video upgrade required.

      1. Found it! Love it. Thank for sharing that lovely day with us. I loved seeing the surfers and that lil’ train. And check out that plate full of muscles! mmm

  2. Happy Grand parenting! I am 62 and have not prospects in the works in that department. I am to understand that Grandies are wonderful additions.

    Your painting is lovely and I appreciated its energy.
    I read on Val’s page that you wife is better now – this is good.

    ZIP got something stuck in his throat this weekend and had to have major surgery – we nearly lost him, I had to make one of those tough decisions about surgery #2 or put him “down” because not enough funds. He is sleeping now at my feet and feeling better. So quickly these things happen to change the thinking and bring gratitude to the fore.

    1. Patricia, the granddad thing is a steep learning curve and I sit on the horizontal. I’m pleased you like my painting but was shocked to hear about ZIP. I’m really pleased to hear he’s okay, Doris nearly swallowed an ear ring a few weeks ago, I just managed to notice before she swallowed. Send me a photo of Zip and I’ll draw you a portrait. Take care you and yours.

  3. I posted the comment below about a day ago and it has gone missing – well here it is again, because I want you to see it!

    Beautiful painting Keith!! I also love the sky a lot.
    Your videos are great!

    Is the new little one a granddaughter or a grandson?
    Congratulations to you and your wife!!!
    I’ve got 2 granddaughters and one grandson and I love them to bits!
    It is wonderful to be a Gramps! Enjoy it.

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