Spring flowers in Teesdale

Far to many distractions of late, but I’ve still managed to get the old sketch book out, thinking there was much time to be made up. Most of these sketches came from the same day wandering in Upper Teesdale. My main aim was to capture some of the very rare spring ice flowers that bloom before suddenly disappearing. Blue gentian, Teesdale violet and the lovely birdseye primrose lay like confetti. I didn’t walk too far, only a few miles pausing to stand and sketch. It recharged my batteries and reminded me of how very fortunate I am. More flower sketches to follow.


16 Replies to “Spring flowers in Teesdale”

  1. You create wonderful sketchbooks, Keith; I can still remember your last one that you entered, it was wonderful. I’m glad to see you have posted again, I was really wondering how you have been doing lately. Hopefully the distraction of life will not keep you from doing your artwork that I so admire to look at. The drawings are awesome!

  2. That bottom drawing doesn’t look like a flower! This reminds me of the line in the movie, “Bambi” when the skunk says to Bambi , “You can call me Flower if you want to”. My eyes pinged those sheep right away. Lovely sketches, Keith.

    1. It’s been a long time since I watched that movie Leslie, but keep your eyes open for ‘Thumper’ ( I think that was his name). Thanks again for coming back and commenting on my very humble blog.

  3. I’m so happy to see your sketches! There is always something so special about your sketches. I love this little “postcard” set. Is it a sepia colored pen that you draw with? And have the rare ice flowers come and gone? I look forward to seeing the flower sketches! 🙂

  4. It always feels like a privilege for me to see someone’s sketches. They’re so direct yet so intimate and personal. Nice work. I like the sepia pen. I enjoy using it sometimes, as well.

    1. Thank you Barry, the sepia pen is great fun for sketching outdoors, but they don’t last long. I think sketching is good for you. I try to limit the time on each to the very minimum, almost as if my bus is waiting.

  5. I really love your sketches, Keith! They have a character of their own – something like “His Masters Voice” I am not good with words, but these sketches are Keith! Again well done!!

  6. Many thanks for your visit Keith, and for your kind comment.
    This sketch I love, as water fascinates me. I suppose many people can say the same, but I just tend to stare and drift away. I clicked on the sketch and stared even more. Wonderful artistry, and I feel green with jealousy at your ability to just ‘go’ and be there, actually there , the place you’ve brought to life by your talent.
    I was born near the River Tees, Merrybent, just outside Darlington, and I returned there on a visit a couple of years ago, It pulls at me and always will. Thank you .. xPenx

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Most of my work is merely self indulgence and not to be taken too seriously. I do enjoy recording my walks with sketches and a little narrative. It’s fun to read through when I next plan the same walk. I know Merrybent very well. I too live in the Tees Valley and understand what you mean about the invisible force that draws you. Thanks once again. I’m going to add you to my wall of fame!

  7. I’m glad I’m not alone in suffering from distractions at the moment! It’s hard making yourself be indoors when the weather’s good & you can actually decide not to be. But being out is what gives inspiration – as you say, it recharges the batteries. I’m glad your back is allowing you to be able to resume walking a bit now. Not having enough exercise can be depressing in itself (aside from not being able to in the places you want to be)- I’ve realised this myself recently – the trouble is, now I’m spending more time taking exercise which makes me feel better, but I’m beginning to feel it’s eating into my painting time – can’t win!

    Your sketches work well – I can see them in a little book called “A year in Teesdale” or something along those lines.

    1. Thank you Sonya. Same boat. There’s never enough time do all the things we enjoy. I’m trying to address the 20-80 ratio and put some balance back into my life. I always enjoy reading through your comments and looking at your beautiful work.

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