Tups and Ewes-Teesdale

Tups and Ewes Teesdale

We’ve enjoyed almost continuous sunshine for several days, yet the frustration of being tied to the house with a back problem and with no sign of letting up, is driving me to despair. Aware that my own condition will in time return to some kind of normality and that millions of other sufferers will continue with their own far worse personal plight is drawing little comfort. I aim to correct this shallow self-centred mindset by starting to feel far less sorry for myself.

Yet spring in Teesdale and the North Pennines is a wonderful place to be. Soon ice flowers will be showing in Upper Teesdale, gentian and bird’s eye primrose along with the calls of wader birds filling the spring air. Having already missed my first rangering day with Natural England, I’m bad company to have around.

To make it three-in-a-row, the flu virus, and back problem have been accompanied by toothache. A new crown is on order and looking at the dentist’s quote I think he must have ordered the piece from the royal jewels.

I painted a picture from one of last year’s photographs showing tups and ewes in a small enclosure., near Newbiggin in Teesdale. The tree in the top right hand corner is one of my special places where I sneak to find some peace and quiet. The small copse of wood will exist long after I’m gone, but I guess I’ll still be lurking in some shape or form.

I’m so missing that little place at the moment.


18 Replies to “Tups and Ewes-Teesdale”

  1. What a pretty painting, Keith – and I love the light you have in it. 🙂 I’m sorry you’re in the wars. I’m also in that self-centred depressed state and hope to pull myself out of it. But y’know, there’s nothing wrong with looking after ourselves.

    1. Thank you Val. I’m pleased you liked my little sketch. I’m a poor patient to have around the home, but looking forward to a short walk this week, (all being well). Necessity being the mother of invention, I also grew a beard, I’ve become attached to it-so to speak.

  2. Oh my friend, I’m so sorry to hear of all these ailments you have been experiencing; enough to bring anyone down. Keep thinking positive as you can, and do the best you can to care for yourself. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayer to get you well and fit, and strong.
    I love the painting very much. It reminds me of another one you had done that is similar that I love just as well. Excellent work, Keith! Keep looking up!

    1. Ah Debbie!… your kind words have lifted my spirits. Positive thinking is so very important. I’ve managed to get around more easily and have an appointment next week with a nice MRI scanning device. I love painting sheep. A slightly repetitive subject I feel, but I guess there’s wool in my bones. Hope you and yours are well.

  3. I enjoy anything you draw and paint with animals in it, Keith. You capoture something special with the sheep for sure. Love the light on the middle ground field as it adds a special brilliance to this scene.
    That said, I’ll be thinking of you as you heal and repair. I like my old dentists philosophy about our teeth and bodies as we age. “Yes, yes. We get to a stage where fix-em-ups are in order. Just like a used car.” No great solace, however, when we have to then pay for the “fix-em-ups”. I was just glad he never accompanied these statements with a lecture.

    1. Thank you Leslie. Things which make us feel better (and for me that’s painting sheep) are even more enjoyable when they bring pleasure to others. So your kind words are very much appreciated. I guess I’ve been a bit of a grump of late, flu, back problem and now teeth. I’m beginning to understand more about fix-ups. 🙂

  4. Being ill is always bad enough but when the weather is good it feels kind of like an added injustice doesn’t it? Getting depressed is n’t at all surprising because the way I see it, our lives are constantly forced into obligations & when one more thing takes over the area we thought was less constrained then that really does it.
    You are doing some good work though. I like the luminosity of this.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Things could always be much worse, but spring is my season and the best days always seem to pass so quickly. Being constrained to the home in lovely sunshine is all too much. I appreciate your comments on my little painting.

  5. Keith, I hope you are on the mend. I have had two bouts of back problems this year and am totally worthless when I am in pain like that. Don’t be hard on yourself. It will get better. Your painting is lovely and your words make me yearn to walk through the soft, spring days you are experiencing. Our days have been violent, rain soaked and tornado rended. But – Spring is here.

    1. Problem with back pain is you never know how long it’s going to last, 3 days- 3 weeks- 3 months on one occasion! I was pleased with this little painting, so you’ve cheered me up Linda. I guess our sunshine will be short lived.

  6. Well I think anyone in your situation would be feeling frustrated and irritated, I know I would certainly be grumpy. And to add insult to injury, a continuous stream of sunny days?!! grrrrr… I do hope it all lets up and you can enjoy the Spring and coming Summer. A lovely painting from you too Keith. I love the verdant greens, and the sheep are simply charming! What are tups? Baby sheep?

    1. I’m a grouch through winter. I count the days until spring. Perhaps I’m leaning something new after all. I’m chuffed you like my sketch Amber. It cheered me when I did it. A ram is an uncastrated male sheep. Sometimes rams are referred to as tups. Sorry, I bet you wished you’d never asked 🙂

  7. I like what you’ve done here.
    The different tones of the grass make a great perpective.
    I hope you back gets better and oh yes damned dentists.
    About a year ago i had a root canal and crown done for my front tooth, the whole thing cost me £850

  8. What beautiful sheep against that rock wall. Love the colors of the grass too. So sorry to hear about your back. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. Hi Keith. I am so sorry about your back – I hope you are better soon. I am also having problems with my teeth – I feel for you!
    Thank you for your beautiful painting and the beautiful words you describe these locations. Well done!!

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