Staithes-‘Boats on the Slip’

Having just come through an awful flu virus, I then manage to slip a disc in my back. Well, I say disc, as a full diagnosis on my constant back problem has never fully been explored. There are several reasons for this, some to do with my private (self employed) medical insurance companies refusal to pay for a scan if no surgery is then required, but mostly because I just put up with it, some things are meant to be borne. That said, my wife called out the doctor yesterday morning who insisted I have a scan in the next few weeks. I’ve succumbed to his advice, purely because my pain threshold has finally been breached and I can’t afford to lose any time from work. Self employment isn’t always what it seems.

Which also makes a nice bridge to the scan of my final painting of Staithes in North Yorkshire. I’ve enjoyed painting these little fishing boats. This group were partly upturned along the slip. I’m sure I have a flash video created from stills. It’s online and I’d be happy to send a link to anyone interested. Thanks again for visiting.

Boats on the Slipway

13 Replies to “Staithes-‘Boats on the Slip’”

  1. Hi Keith,
    I’m so sorry to hear of your back. I know it can be quite painful; not from my own experience (though I have had my run with back trouble), but my husband has a really bad back too.
    Insurance companies are nothing more than crooks in my eyes. They gladly take the premiums, but don’t want to back us up on a claim.
    I do hope you get relief from the pain soon if at all possible.
    I love the painting too; so many boats going in different directions and turned over as well. Excellent work, Keith!

    1. Oh don’t get me started on insurance Debbie…Bupa had a clause to cover just about every outcome protecting their payout rather than my ability to work. I don’t even believe in private medical insurance-I think everyone should be entitled to the same level of treatment regardless of how much they earn. In my case I was forced to take out a policy by my business bank. Thanks again for your lovely comments on my painting.

  2. This is a lovely composition, Keith. I especially like that one line that you dashed across the page in the upper right hand quadrant. Amazes me how that one little touch drops me down into the scene of jumbled boats awaiting their riders.
    My heart goes out to you. Have recovered from back surgery and can sympathize with your pain.

    1. Thanks again Leslie. I guess that line was made by accident, funny how the accidental can have an impact on a piece of work.

      Like so many other things, you can’t explain the discomfort of a condition unless you’ve experienced it. I’m pleased you’re over your own back problems. Things could be worse.

  3. What a run of bad luck – I sympathise -I imagine that for you it won’t be easy not being able to set off for a walk for a bit, especially in the spring. I once fell going down some slippery steps(too fast) & broke my sacrum & I got horribly depressed & inward looking, thinking I’d never be able to walk or run again properly.I’m happy to say that I recovered totally if that’s of any help -though I realise a slipped disk isn’t quite the same thing! I’d say rest & try not to get too depressed if that’s possible.

    It must be hard as well when you’ve got to keep on working & can’t get sick leave.
    Nice boat compositions. Perhaps you’ll be doing more?

    1. Well at least I’m on top of my posts. We’ve enjoyed some of the nicest April weather I can ever remember, which is making the whole episode even more depressing. I’ve been given a walking stick to hobble around the house, much to the amusement of the children. I’m also going to miss my first month of the season Rangering with Natural England at Moor House in upper Teesdale. I’ve been counting those particular days down since November 😦

      With a distinct lack of material to work from or walks to paint, I’m delving into some very old photographs for inspiration. I found the boats very difficult to draw. Thanks again for your comments Sonya.

  4. Cool painting. I too, like that horizontal accidental line. Why are some of the boats overturned? Are they not being used and that’s how they are stored?

    So, so sorry to hear about your back. I have family members with serious back issues and I see how much they suffer.

    Don’t even get me started on insurance companies. Thieves!

    Feel better soon.

  5. Can I see the flash image? 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed this series of the fishing boats! I’m so sorry to hear about your back… Everything is connected to the back and I can only imagine your pain. My dad, when he was about my age, began to suffer chronically from back ailments and… well, long story, and everyone is different, but the bottom line is, back trouble sucks and I sincerely sympathize with your pain. I can relate to you on the self-enployment / health insurance issue too… grrrrrrrrr 😡

  6. You have my sympathy, Keith! I hope the scan will reveal the exact problem and perhaps suggest an effective way to find some lasting relief from the pain. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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