Staithes-North Yorkshire, pen and ink

Small Boats in Staithes

One more pen and ink of from my recent study of fishing boats in Staithes-North Yorkshire.  Moored  from the beach among dark pools of green and blue, they reminded me of scattered shoes, abandoned but not forgotten. The walk-over-bridge gave an interesting perspective of traditional and fuel driven. There’s more to come from this subject. I’m fascinated how my interest can be so focused on a new subject.




11 Replies to “Staithes-North Yorkshire, pen and ink”

  1. I’ve been in the hills all day just turned on to post and find this,
    I’m running out of things to say how about “Magic” it certainly comes alive, many thanks for posting cheers Danny

  2. I’m like Leslie “admiring your brush strokes.” I love how these boats are going in different directions, it’s as if the water is thrashing them around. Love the all the details, Keith!

  3. There is always something special about your pen and ink work. I think it has a whimsical feel, and so full of color and motion. I love all the details, and all that is implied as well. I really love this!

  4. It is fascinating to note how our creative focus changes and lingers… Charming scene, it reminds me of Cape Cod…

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