Staithes in North Yorkshire

Staithes in North Yorkshire


I was going through some old photographs one evening and came across a folder containing shots from our last trip to Staithes in North Yorkshire . I’ve attached a link for those who aren’t familiar with this small North Yorkshire fishing village (which will be most of you). Extremely picturesque, it clings to the shore via an almost vertical road. Steeped in history and with a population of around 800, the village is often referred to as ‘Cook’s Village’, as Captain James Cook once lived and worked in the village. A popular tourist spot, the village was made even more famous by a group of artists known as the ‘Staithes Group’, (there work fetching thousands of pounds today). Following my recent nautical theme, I tried to draw and paint some of the images, but I’ve found their curves and as Barry Coombs described ‘cut melon like shapes’ difficult to master. Even so, there’s fun to be had in this subject. I have some catching up to do on friends’ posts and thank all of you who take the time and effort to leave such encouraging comments.


12 Replies to “Staithes in North Yorkshire”

  1. Picturesque, indeed – thanks for posting the link to the fishing village. The seashore, although variable in appearances from land to land, always seems beautiful in some compelling way. You’ve painted a lovely little boat, makes me want to row it out a ways…

  2. This is a lovely painting; attention on the boat’s shape and I imagine I would spend my time seasick as it rocked to the movement of the water. It makes me think it is no small feat to maneuver it to a fishing spot and back. Filled? Does the midsection lay low on the surface of the water? Lovely link of this vacation spot, Keith.

    1. Thank you Leslie, the boat probably looks closer to the surface due to my inaccurate drawing. I find the simple curves difficult to master too! It’s a lovely spot and one we don’t visit enough. Thanks again Leslie.

      1. Oh no, I did not think you rendered it inaccurately as I have seen boats shaped like this and wondered if it actually helped their buoyancy when weighted with a catch. I was asking if you may know. 🙂 I love the painting.

  3. I am enjoying your nautical theme 🙂 I get such a relaxed feeling from this quaint little fishing boat. The water looks so calm. It’s really beautiful… as is the village you describe as I persued your link. I love the English buildings. They are so different from ours. Have you fully recovered?

    1. Amber, you’re always so generous… ‘beautiful’- shucks 🙂 I’m well over the virus thank you, but laid low today due to an old back problem. It was such a nice day, I decided to put work to one side to do some gardening… well that was the plan. Picking up the watering can my back went, so no gardening for now. Pleased you enjoyed the link.

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