Redcar fishing boat

Redcar fishing boat

A strange flu like virus put pay to any walks or excursions of late, also being self employed means you can’t take time off or the bills don’t get paid. For two days I suffered the worst headache I’ve ever experienced and no amount of painkillers gave relief. My wife suffered far worse and the virus left us both drained of energy. Yesterday I felt terrible but decided to paint the fishing boat, which I photographed a few weeks ago in Redcar. I took the usual artistic licence by removing a few elements. I may take a short sabbatical until symptoms have fully passed. Thank again for reading.


16 Replies to “Redcar fishing boat”

  1. Awww I am so sorry to hear about how sick you and your missus have been 😦 Your painting of this seaside scene is lovely and I’m amazed that you painted it while feeling so horrible. I hope you can get some good rest so you may recover quickly!

  2. Enjoyed the painting, Keith. Sorry to hear you and your wife were so sick. The flu can really knock us off our pins. Last fall I was “old enough” to get my first flu shot and I was grateful. Please give yourselves plenty of time to recuperate.

  3. I hope you are well and fully recovered. There are many different strains of flu and they can be so physically devastating. I hope you are feeling well enough to think about painting even if you haven’t put brush to paper yet. Lovely work.

  4. Keith, I just love your painting of the fishing boat! Very well done, again!
    I am so glad to see you and your wife are better!
    And thanks again for your kind words on my blog.

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