A beautiful night in Redcar (a photo for a change)

Deep at heart I’m a sea person but I don’t seem to paint too many views and I’m not sure why. During early March, the family and I took a Sunday evening stroll along Redcar beach. Admittedly not my favourite place in the world, but how opinions can be so easily changed. With the sun setting behind us, a small fishing boat came ashore-before being pulled onto the beach by a vintage old tractor. Locals soon surrounded the boat and I figured there was a catch for sale. We bought two huge crabs, we took them home and enjoyed crab sandwiches on my homemade bread with lemon and black cracked pepper (oh and a bottle of wine). Simple pleasures. I’ve visited some of the most romantic beaches on the west coast of Scotland and Ireland, many iconic, but on this night in humble Redcar I wouldn’t have swapped for anywhere in the world.


16 Replies to “A beautiful night in Redcar (a photo for a change)”

  1. I am absolutely delighted to see this lovely photo from you!! How far is the sea from where you live? I think not too far, right? The way the houses sit all in a row behind the sea wall reminds me of the area by our Pacifica Pier. What an idylic moment you describe! I read your post earlier today when I was about to go get groceries. It’s a danergous thing to write about food you know… um, I’ve got a rosemary bread baking now and a glass of wine as I write. Now if only I had some fresh crab… mmmmmmmmm

    1. We live 10 minutes from the sea, Redcar is 20 minutes away. It’s not a place we usually visit, but I’m starting to see something new on this part of the coast. The crab was wonderful as was the bread, I think we were very lucky to spot that boat. Thanks again Amber.

  2. Oh I love days like this one, an adventure with family, fresh seafood right off the boat, and homemade bread! So true, Keith, it’s those simple pleasures that make life worth living, especially the ones that weren’t anticipated! I wonder if there were any shells or interesting pebbles and stones to collect – the sand there looks pretty smooth.

    1. Thanks Barbara. Since that post I’ve been laid low with a bug. Reading it now it seems so long ago, but the pleasure still lingers. There are few shells on that beach, I have another picture I’m going to post once I get myself back together. Thanks again.

  3. What a perfectly, perfect day you and your family had that day. Taking a walk on the beach with family, seeing awesome sites such as you all did this wonderful day, then to top it off with dinner to include your special homemade bread, a bottle of good wine and the delicious crap that you got from the boat off the boat that you encountered on your enjoyable walk on the beach. And now, you have a picture to remember it all! Thank you for sharing this picture, and the day you enjoyed, Keith!

    1. Thank you Debbie. It was a lovely evening walk and the boat landing on the shore made it perfect. The family have all been poorly since this post hence my late reply, but many thanks for your warm comments.

      1. Keith, I’m so sorry to hear that you have been ill, and that your family has been “poorly,” do they have this bug too? I will pray for you and your family, Keith. Many blessings to you and yours.

  4. Well I’m thinking that this little sea scene would make a pretty amazing painting too, and it’s also good to see that you’re pretty handy with the camera too… How great that you managed to get some fresher than fresh crab too out of the visit.

    1. I used my eldest’s sons camera ( aged 9), it’s just a point and shoot affair, but if the light’s right, it takes a lovely shot. ( I just press the button-unlike you and Amber). The crab was a gift from the ocean- we were very lucky.

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