Saltholme RSPB

Saltholme RSPB NR

Apart from the stunning wildlife, the reserve has a moodier side. Look to the northwest from Haverton Hole pools and you’ll fail to notice the industrial horizon of Teesside. Chemicals and bridges are what made this corner of northeast England. Travel across any great bridge in the world and the likely hood of a Cleveland Bridge stamped on its girders will be high. A unique juxtaposition of amazing birds and special animals like hares and voles to concrete and dockyards.


16 Replies to “Saltholme RSPB”

  1. In the physical seeing that industrial horizon juxtaposed against the raw nature of the reserve wouldn’t wholly appeal, but your painting certainly gives it a whole new appeal… Superbly done Keith..

  2. Excellent use of value in this one, Keith. The light on the water is exactly how I would think it looks. Contrast of industry against nature. We can’t do without either it seems.

    1. I’m experimenting with light at the moment. We took some great pictures by the sea last Sunday with the children, the sunset cast a pink vale over the entire ocean. It’s next on my list.
      Thanks again for your comments Leslie. Very supportive.

  3. What a contrast with no smoke or activity it looks like a nature reclamation project ! Many years ago we were having a day out on the trains with a rover ticket and took a train from Whitby to Middlesbrough stepping off the train was like swimming in vinegar (acetic acid) we caught the first train out (to anywhere !) and have never been back. – Danny

    1. I don’t think it’s quite as bad these days, but I suppose it depends where you go. The area around the reserve is close to the chemical belt, but not too close
      to spoil your day. Some of us are lucky to be able to choose where we live, others not so. Thanks again for your comments Danny.

  4. Based on what I’ve seen from your other works, I had not imagined Teesdale with an industrial side at all! How funny! I grew up not far from where I am now in what has been coined “the Industrial City”. In fact, my home rested in the shadow of a hill that was stamped in concrete with a huge sign saying just that. lol. Yet that same “Sign Hill” was home to lots of neat critters… like great horned owls and ground squirrels 🙂 It’s interesting to me that by our art we often show what we ourselves LIKE seeing. Anyhow, I digress… Your painting works well with the pairing of the reserve with the industrial horizon. I’m real happy you showed us this side with such a beautiful painting. Lovely color work too!! Hope you ahve a great weekend 🙂

    1. Amber, Teesdale is 50 miles further up the valley of the river Tees (in the North Pennines), wild and romantic. Teesside is the industrial area at the river’s mouth, two completely different locations connected by the river Tees. I see beauty in both. Saltholme Nature Reserve sits right in the middle of an industrial area of Teesside. The old dockyards and chemical plants sit on every horizon, it makes it even more magical to me. I agree though, we often only show what we want others to see, hence the reason for my sketch. I’m flattered as always by your nice comments. Have a great weekend.

  5. Linda is right about the atmospheric perspective. I like your brushwork in the foliage.
    We have several great birding spots in the shadow of industry in our part of the world, as well.

  6. I really like the juxtaposition of the industrial buildings against the beautiful landscape. I like the light on the water and the foliage with the buildings grey in the background. Very nice Keith.

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