I spent Sunday afternoon following the sunset at Saltholme NR. It was very mild so I took the watercolours thinking I might find a nice spot for a quick outdoor sketch. I was the object of much unwanted attention. The sketch shows one of the many dikes which flow in the direction of the sea. Old salt marsh, deep dark pools full of who knows what?

Saltholme NR RSPB

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  1. Wow! Have you ever turned the color on nicely in your recent paintings, Keith! I think cat tails are hard. You did an incredible job with them. Must have taken you forever! Sparkling white on that water. Love this!

    1. I’m trying to be bolder with my colour, but the old fears are hard to put aside. I couldn’t seem to capture the reds in the reeds. I took it home to finish where it became a little over-worked. I have you as an inspiration, so I keep going.

    1. Thank you Linda. I love the moody empty places, although on this day there was a large group stood over my shoulder, I took it home to finish.
      I appreciate your comments and I’m enjoying your recent work too. Love the dog, I’m popping over now.

  2. The colors are so beautiful Keith, and I love how the flowing water pulls me into the scene and to that sky. The cat tails are awesome. I imagine the air smelling so crisp and fresh here… or is it smelly by the salt marsh? hehe… This must be quite a location for shore birds!

    1. It’s a great location for wader birds, thousands of them. There’s never a smell, at least not on my visits. Its a ghost like place, with deep water holes and dikes criss-crossing the reserve.
      I don’t think I’d like to walk around alone in the dark, but then you already know I’m a big scaredy cat 😦

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