Flushimere Beck

Flushimere Beck

I’m never sure if the main beck running into Bowlees is still Flushimere Beck, or changes to Bowlees Beck. Ordnance Survey maps don’t help. This watercolour was produced from photographs taken in January; the view is through the falls to Gibson’s Cave and Orcs in hiding.


19 Replies to “Flushimere Beck”

  1. Keith, this is stunning. I absolutely love this scene, this painting, it’s beautiful! I love the way you’ve painted the trees…and that cascading flowing water. So much movement and life in this scene. I can imagine myself quite enjoying this spot here on the river… So lovely. You must frame it!

    1. One thing I’ve noticed when painting the ‘values’ (read Barry) or shadows first, you’re less likely to over work the finished painting. I try and keep the colour palate very simple. I’ve become taken with this little stream, it’s helped me through the dark days of winter. Thanks again Amber, very much appreciated.

  2. Love the painting. Every time you post a new one I want to head over to Teesdale and just stay there taking in the scene. I haven’t been to Bowlees since August so I’m feeling very guilty!

    1. Thank you Yasmine. I’ve enjoyed some nice winter walking in Teesdale. I’m preparing a short book entitled ‘A year in Teesdale’. Alan Hinkes has kindly agreed to join me on a walk in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for you kind comments on my painting. Very much appreciated.

  3. Absolutely beautiful value range. Keith. Composition is great, also. More than anything else I like your mark making though. I enlarged this to be able to see all your brushstrokes and puddled values. Love it!

  4. So inviting, there’s a special kind of energy about trees near the water and you’ve captured it here… It’s stunning in the larger view!

  5. Pretty amazing this is Keith.. Do love the muted tones you’ve used as they work so well together… and the way you’ve captured the detail without going in to too much detail (if that makes sense) makes me realise how I really need to try and loosen up when I try painting next time…

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