Sketchbook Project

I’m well behind finishing my sketchbook project, but I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve produced to date. I think I’m two thirds of the way through. For those not familiar with the project I’ve attached a link.

I choose ‘Down your Street’ as my theme. Each participating artist has his or her sketchbook stored at The Brooklyn Art Library. If you’re ever passing you can call in and look at any sketchbook.

High Force
High Cup Nick
Cross Fell
Wader Birds

22 Replies to “Sketchbook Project”

  1. If I could be the judge of this I would make you a winner right off the bat. Oops, I’m being bias aren’t I. Really Keith, these sketches with mini stories are excellent. Bravo my fried!!
    I’m very fond of “Sandpiper”.

  2. Fantastic Keith! I love your sketchbook! It’s just wonderful and I love how you added informative captions, and especially the little remarks from the cheeky birds. hehe… It’s wonderful that your book will go on tour, but if I were you I’d really struggle to let it go and mail it off. I hope you scanned each and every page 🙂 Looking at the website it looks like you have to finish soon! eeek hurry hurry!

    1. I only wish I’d started sooner! I think the project is a great idea and can’t wait to visit Brooklyn. I’ve only scanned in these few pages. I quite like the idea of forgetting what I’ve done,
      especially some of those dodgy illustrations 🙂 Thanks again for your comments Amber. As always- much appreciated.

  3. I LOVE your sketches and I can’t wait to see your book. Lucky for me I live in Brooklyn!

    Your drawings are wonderful and I laughed at your comments from the birds to you.

  4. Your sketchbook drawings are wonderful. Particularly love your accompanying notes and the little asides. I’ve never had the patience or discipline for this form of art, but I do have a an A4 blank paper pad, on the floor near where I warm myself by the fan heater, on which I doodle cartoons and ideas. I wonder if that counts?

    I missed the current sketchbook project, but I might enter it another year. I’m not really one for these sorts of challenges, but it does sound interesting and fun! (That said, I have been meaning to take part in the blog a zombie day, or whatever it’s called, for years now and keep forgetting! I’m hopeless at remembering dates and things).

    1. I sometimes have a habit of never finishing what I start, and I’m afraid I ran out of time with this project too! They allow incomplete sketchbooks, so over half of the pages will make it there.
      I need to look out for this blog a zombie day- it sounds fun. Thanks again for you feedback Val, its great you take the time to visit my blog-I’m always humbled.

  5. I have the same experience with my partner when I get effusive about the birds I’ve seen. Her eyes just sort of glaze over. I was in London last week and managed an excellent day of birding with BirdingLondon.

    Birds, art, wine; all the good things. I don’t suppose you’re a hockey fan?

    Great sketchbook!

  6. I love your sketchbook pages! They show your respect for nature and you are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world. Do you know if theis is the same sketchbook project that Alex Zonis has been working on? Anyway great work!

  7. Excellent.
    You have filled it with what for me is the very meaning of a sketchbook.
    A place to experiment and make notes on what you have done.
    It’s high time i did another sketchbook.
    Over two years when i first started drawing i filled over ten sketchbooks

  8. This project has inspired me to produce more sketch book work too! I usually have paints and pads already packed, but I’ve bought a nice stitched book for the spring. Thanks again for the feedback, mr actor!

  9. These are lovely- aside from the drawings themselves I like the whole page lay-outs which feels quite natural & really suit the subject. These birds are very familiar to me too as we get lots of them in the estuary in Hendaye – curlews & whinbrils (not sure of the spelling there) are some of my favourites for the beautiful haunting sound they make.

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