Bowes Museum Limes

Lime Avenue

Inside the entrance to the Bowes Museum stands an avenue of limes. They’re planted horizontal to the wall, so most people don’t notice unless they’ve walked the grounds. Towards the end of the summer the avenue is awash with yellows. It’s a delight to walk. A hidden gem.




21 Replies to “Bowes Museum Limes”

  1. I was wondering when we were going to see what you’d been painting on canvas – What a beautiful golden tunnel of light- very strong & vibrant. The silvery blue against the golds & greeens seems to almost pulsate. It’s interesting because we tend to think of blue as receding, but here it seems to give the impression of bringing the light forward into the rest of the space. What a positive image to ward off the grey melancholy of January! Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you Sonya. I didn’t do the actual view justice. The yellows are more vivid in real life, and I struggled capturing the array of yellows. I began with the blue, with my vision drawn towards the centre as I painted. The picture in the post was taken with my mobile (the camera’s missing- again!). I’m thinking of nothing but spring. Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement.

  2. The avenue awash with yellows must be quite something to see and your painting I’m sure has completely captured its beauty. Makes me want to take a walk, as if the painting is inviting us in.
    Do you ever have Key Lime Pie in England? (A weakness of mine…)
    I browsed around the museum’s website a bit – it looks like a wonderful place to explore, inside and outside!

    1. Thank you Barbara. I’m not sure if we have Key LIme Pie, but I like the sound of it. Perhaps you could send me some? 😉 The Bowes Museum is a beautiful building with stunning grounds. They also house some magnificent art along with periodical semi resident shows. Thanks again for you kind words.

  3. I like the color of this, but more than that, I like the texture you have included. It is like you are sharing the actual experience of being there, 3D, with the viewer. Beautiful, Keith!

  4. Fantastic! The yellows and greens are so vibrant and that little sliver of blue in the background makes me want to walk on that warm carpet of brown.

    This is really beautiful.

    1. Thank you Carol. It’s a beautiful location and museum. I finished it last week, although I began in September. It was therapeutic painting a picture of summer in the dark depths of winter. How’s your sketchbook coming along?

  5. Oh that must be just wonderful to walk through. I love the line of sight that you captured, the way the path and the lines pull us into the painting. And I love the texture of this work and the cheerful colors!

    1. Thank you Amber. Painting the summer in winter is a great way of squashing the winter blues. The painting doesn’t do the colours of the perspective justice, but it was fun! Thanks again for you kind words and support.

    1. I’m pleased you think so. I’m never sure if I’m improving. Over Christmas we visited my sister and her family. She had some very old paintings I produced over 25 years ago. I thought they looked nice and the work of someone else, not my own. However, your kind words are very supportive.

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