Cronkley Fell

Cronkley Fell

I’ve already planned my Boxing Day abdication! The requisite…  a remote area void of parties and merriment. Lonely yet friendly in much the same way two friends enjoy each other’s company yet share few words. I’ll pack my rucksack and head for the shoulders of the North Pennines by way of Cronkley Fell. I’ll meet no other walker. The route to the summit will pass an old Shepard’s shelter, a railway carriage, battered by storms yet clinging on.

I’ll take my rest with a view down to the river Tees, watching clouds build over Widdybank. When the wind-chill becomes too much, I climb down Main Gate towards the river, following its course to High Force before heading back to Hanging Shaw where the car will waiting. Short, cold but filling me with warmth that will last the festive.


17 Replies to “Cronkley Fell”

  1. For me you’ve captured what I consider to be part of the essence of Christmas – though I doubt it’d be so great without the thought of having a nice warm house to go back to! A celebration of these shortest days is very welcome. I’m glad there are those of us who find our own special ways of celebrating which mean so much more than all that superficial commecial stuff. I too hope to be going out somewhere remote just before Christmas (& hopefully afterwards as well.) We’ll also collect some ivy & mistletoe to decorate the house. Enjoy your walk & other festivities- Happy Christmas.

    1. Thank you Sonya. Yes, coming back to a warm house and a bottle of wine, makes for a great end to the day. I also enjoy reading my map, retracing the route taken. The children
      will also be coming for a walk between Christmas and New Year, that’s a tradition we started a couple of years ago. I hope your own escape proves equally relaxing and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. It’s been great following you and your beautiful work.

  2. I would love to be able to hike though those areas. The tip sounds wonderful. You also have a way with words that have convinced me of this.
    The painting is beautiful! It looks like a very quite place to rest.


  3. I love your narrative for Boxing Day. (We don’t have boxing day here, so if it fell on a weekday, I’d be back at work. Bah!)
    Your hike sounds perfect for reflection on the upcoming year. And your solitary joy sounds so peaceful so someone who is always surrounded by people.

    May your Christmas and boxing day be joyful and restful and your new year healthful and prosperous.

    I very much like your painting of Cronkley Fell. It is peaceful and calm. I would like to visit there.

  4. Sounds wonderful! Can I go? I’d love to see the view from the summit that you describe. Ahhhh and the solitude in this natural setting that you’ve painted beautifully is sooo appealing. I hope your hike is as perfect as you describe. I love in your scene the feel of the land, the way it makes me feel like I’m standing off to the left viewing the scene the with the land curving off to the right…

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