Teesdale Rabbit



I was caught during the week trying to take one of my unsuspecting pictures, before becoming suddenly exposed! I’m trying to assemble as many winter pictures for the start of my book, but this Teesdale Farmer had my nerves a jitter. He didn’t pose or change his stance, (which is good), but he just kept smiling. He clocked me straight away and I was caught like a rabbit in the headlights! I tried smiling back, but he had me and he knew. “ Do you mind if I take a picture”, I asked. He didn’t reply and I felt such a fool! I took my picture and bid him good day, almost running away. What’s getting into me?



11 Replies to “Teesdale Rabbit”

  1. Smile! Loved your story and know exactly how you feel when trying to photograph someone on the sly.

    Interesting character you’ve captured here. I like the way he’s standing on his cane with that little smile on his face.

  2. That look! That little grin… Oh, I would be so very unnerved too being caught taking his picture. He said not a word when you spoke to him? Sometimes when taking sneaky shots of people, I pan left and right of the person taking shots as if they were not my intended subject. I think they always know though. lol. You captured his stance and his knowing look so perfectly. I always love your people. I just love how you capture their essence and expressions. Will your book cover all seasons?

    1. I took a few pictures (from the hip) with my mobile. He had a glazed look, staring at me, but not (if you follow). I’m really pleased you enjoy my little scribbles. My book is only 32 pages, so nothing epic. It’s more of a guide with a two pages for each month. I’ll send you a copy when it’s published. Have a great Christmas.

  3. Priceless!! Both the expression he gave you and the story. As I see in my minds eye you asking permission to take this picture, not getting a reply, then taking the picture anyway and fleeing away, I start laughing for you, thinking, “this would be a great clip in a movie”, or better yet, Keith, a book.
    Excellent work!

    1. I secretly took several pictures with my mobile before I even asked permission. I thought he’d clocked me so felt obliged to do so.
      It’s better if I can catch people in a natural pose doing nothing. I think he was playing with me.

  4. Nothing’s got into you, Keith, because it’s obvious he was a zombie. You had to run or he’d have eaten your brain!

    Brill sketch! I can see the evil intent in his expression… brain…brain… munch…


  5. I agree. Someone like this has had to have his picture taken many times! This is such a wonderful study of a figure, Keith. You captured him. I like the grin. I have seen many people, like this guy wearing perpetual grins. It’s like their faces are frozen there. I like the attention you payed to head and hands. They work well, neither one dominating the other. I’d say you captured soul in this. One of my favorites!

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