Teesdale Pub

Warm winter pub

There’s been a distinct lack of people in my work of late, since becoming so intent with capturing the last days of autumn. November’s snow is one of the earliest on records, and to think we still had snow back in April makes me shiver. I delved way back into the archives to capture a winter image free of the white stuff.

This picture speaks for itself. Cosy warm pub filled with idle gossip. Remember when smoking was allowed in the pub? I’m always trying to capture a little of Norman Cornish in my life studies, looking for everyday people going about nothing much.

I really like the way this gents trousers ride high above his belt.

Again, small details observed and banked.


28 Replies to “Teesdale Pub”

  1. What a wonderful portrait! He looks pleased to be there and I love the suggestions of movement in your linework, Keith.
    You have snow? Heaven forbid! It has been below freezing, today, and very windy. Going down to 17 degrees with a wind chill that will push us into single digits….. I am not going to complain as it was just a few months ago and we were high 90’s and 101 and 102 degrees. that was worse! 🙂

    1. Too much snow Leslie, and more to come I hear! It’s -3 outside. Living on an island means we have more of a maritime climate, lots of slush on the roads
      and little compact snow, which is far worse for driving. This is our earliest snow for 15 years and I’m already fed up with it. I need to be out walking, not stuck indoors. Your comments are gratefully received and much appreciated. Thanks again Leslie.

  2. I love all the small details… his striped shirt and hat, and the way he is looking at his beer almost as if he’s thinking, I can’t believe it’s already half gone. His companion better return soon before I reach in and grab that second full pint sitting there 😉 I love your life studies!

    1. Thanks Amber, Its been a while since I produced any kind of life drawing or painting, so I enjoyed this. I also love those quirky bits that add charter. Like the belt and cap, I paint really quickly which is better for me and prevents them turning to mud! Appreciate your feedback as always!

  3. He looks like he’s either turning to someone sitting next to him but out of view, or like he’s eavesdropping on a conversation at the bar! Great character sketch, Keith.

    And we’ve also got snow – brrrrrr, it’s horrible. I’d rather not think about last winter. Hated it, the snows lasted far too long.

    1. Both Val, he was trying to overhear a conversation between to men on the next table. Thanks for the feedback. Our snow is very bad,
      and I hate the stuff too! Last Christmas my mother passed away and the snow just reminds me. Six months free of snow, that’s all we’ve had!

      1. Oh Keith… I’m sorry, I didn’t know your mum passed away, it’s only a year, you’ll still be grieving and there are bound to be reminders. Sympathies.

  4. So sorry about your mum, Keith. Anniversaries can be difficult, especially around a holiday. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    About the man in the pub. I like the way you captured in him something I’ve noticed as the years go by. The older people get the less they seem concerned with fashion and the more they go with comfort. The older men I know all seem to have their own particular way of being comfortable in trousers!

  5. I’m sorry about your mum too, that must be very hard.

    As for the weather, if it’s any consolation, it’s pouring with rain again here & cold. Being on the coast we don’t usually get snow but frequently you see it in the distance. Your picture is making me want an English beer -one of those real ale ones (I hope you still get them?!)

    1. Thank you Sonya. Real ale is still going strong. Some small brewers have been absorbed by the bigger boys, but we’re still lucky to have so many micro breweries. I bought some stout in Richmond last weekend. The yeast came from a a bottle found on a Spanish ship wrecked off the cornish coast. It was still good so they used it as a base for a new range of beer. After drinking all four bottles I now forget the name! Hic!

  6. What a great painting. It has a cozy feeling all to needed during these cold month ahead. But who am I kidding? It freezing here and it snow the morning before yesterday.
    Great work, Keith.

  7. I discovered you blog late last night so didn’t get to stay too long, but was very pleased with it. I’ll be following you to keep up.
    Stay warm on Thursday. Today we are in the 20’s and windy; BURRR! And it just so happens that I have to go out in that wind chill today.

  8. I enjoy visiting. That is your fault for putting together a well thought out and clever blog, filled with awesome artworks.
    Stay warm. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that it not be as bad as before.

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